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Are you interested in selling your home? If you want to get the best price that you can -- and who doesn't? -- you may want to consider some of our great ideas to increase the value of your home before putting it on the market. Take our quiz to get some great suggestions from market professionals.

What is the best reason to undertake a home improvement project?

Consumer advice experts suggest that it makes more sense to undertake a home improvement that you will be able to enjoy yourself for many years and not in order to increase the value of your home.


The most cost effective way to get value out of a home improvement project is:

If you want to get real value out of a home improvement project, your best bet is to do it yourself.


In 2007, which was the most cost-effective home improvement for a mid-range home?

According to Remodeling magazine, homeowners who invested in a 16-by-20-foot (4.9 meters by 6.1 meters) wooden deck recovered an average of 85.4 percent of the cost of the project. In other words, if you added a deck to your home which cost $10,347, you could expect to get back $8,835 when you sold your house.


Which home improvement most increased the value of a home?

If you put in a two-part addition to your home this year, you can expect to add $103,010 to the resale value of your home. Since the project should cost an average of $139,297, it would recover about 73.9 percent of the project cost.


When considering a home improvement project for your home, what is one way to judge if the project will increase the value of your home?

Always check the market value of homes in your neighborhood before embarking on any home improvement project. The limits on the price of houses in your area may keep many home improvement projects from being financially worthwhile.


What do real estate agents mean by the term "curb appeal"?

Real estate agents put a lot of stock in the concept of "curb appeal," which means giving a great first impression as soon as the buyer pulls up at the curb. When your home impresses right away, a prospective buyer will often overlook other imperfections.


Which is a cost effective way to help your home give a great first impression?

A well-landscaped and maintained yard creates a great first impression and doesn't have to cost a lot. It's a home improvement project that you can do yourself.


Which type of home improvement should probably take precedence when trying to sell your home?

Though it seems contradictory, homeowners trying to sell their homes are advised to invest in cosmetic improvements rather than more important repairs that can't be seen. A new roof will impress a prospective buyer more than a new plumbing system.


Can small efforts like cleaning out clutter and trimming your hedges add value to your home?

Though they don't seem like much, even small improvements like cleaning out the clutter in your garage or trimming the hedges can add value to your home.


Can not doing small improvement projects cost you money when you sell your home?

According to real estate theory, for every dollar you could have spent on a home improvement project, but decided not to, it will actually cost you two dollars when you sell your house.


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