Quiz: In Which Century Do You Belong?
In Which Century Do You Belong?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Steve Debenport/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Human progress has certainly not been a linear affair. For generations, it was generally the case that people would live very similar lives to those of their parents. Things didn't change quickly, including the number of people out there. Indeed, the human population didn't even break a billion until the 1800s, so slow was population growth.

A change didn't really get going until the 1700s. The century prior, the Age of Exploration, was probably the last in which the world ever felt very large or static. After that, as the Industrial Revolution kicked off and railways and then aviation shrank the world, it was no longer possible to disappear over a faraway horizon and never return. The adventures grew less mysterious, even as the tragedies grew larger - with ever-bigger wars - and simultaneously fewer, as humanity fought back at last against disease and illiteracy that hampered us from living free and prosperous lives.

Where would you fit into this history, if you were not alive now? We children of the 21st century enjoy many advantages, but some of us might be temperamentally more suited to other times. Take this quiz, and we'll figure out which century of human history would suit you down to the ground!

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Were things better in the good old days?

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What person NOT currently living do you wish you could meet?

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How many languages do you speak?

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Besides your phone, what gadget could you not do without?

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How strong is your bodily constitution?

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Could you live without your phone?

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What thing do we all do today that you think our grandkids (rightly or wrongly) will say we were very wrong to do?

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Do you know anything about the medicinal properties of plants?

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How many books is enough for a two-week vacation?

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How worried are you about the future?

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How often do you like to go to church?

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How do you feel about all the things that are made of plastic?

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What do you think about humanity settling other planets?

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