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Illinois is a state like no other. From the Shedd Aquarium to the Art Institute of Chicago and from Millennium Park to Wrigley Field, Illinois offers excitement, fun, diversity and a certain uniqueness. Take this quiz to discover a little of the excitement and fun of Illinois.

Since when has the Shedd Aquarium been in operation?

The Shedd Aquarium opened its doors in 1930.


Which of these are to be found at the Shedd Aquarium?

You'll find the Caribbean Coral Reef tank and the Wild Reef Habitat at the Shedd Aquarium.


The annual Chicago International Children's Film Festival has films from how many countries?

It brings together children's films from 40 countries around the world.


What is the name of the category in the Chicago International Children's Film Festival that caters for films made by kids under 18?

It's called Child-Produced Work and it's strictly for under-18s.


During the holiday season, what happens in the evening at Lincoln Park Zoo?

In the evening, millions of tiny lights turn on to make ZooLights.


If you want to experience ZooLights on a winter evening, how can you get around aside from on foot?

The best way for the foot-weary is on board the Holiday Express.


What is popular among children at the Art Institute of Chicago?

Children love the suits of armor, swords and daggers as well as the other ancient firearms.


Where are scores of dollhouse-sized rooms located in the Art Institute of Chicago?

There are literally scores of tiny dollhouse-sized rooms all located in the Thorne Miniature Room.


What is the real name of the "Bean" in Millennium Park?

It was originally named Cloud Gate but locals call it affectionately the Bean.


What overlooks the Crown Fountain from above?

Overlooking the Crown Fountain are two 50-foot towers.


The Navy Pier Ferris wheel is a remodel of an older one. Which one?

It was remodeled on the one that was built for the Chicago World Columbian Exposition in 1893.


From Navy Pier, you can take a speed boat ride across which lake?

The speed boat ride will take you across Lake Michigan.


Where in the Museum of Science and Industry can you feel what it's like under the ocean?

You can get right inside the captured U-boat and get to feel what it's like 20,000 leagues under.


What size are the trains at The Great Train Story?

The trains at the Great Train Story are miniature -- all 34 models.


Why do children love the Chick Hatchery?

Kids love the Chick Hatchery because they actually get to see the real thing: chicks pecking their shells open.


Which is taller, the John Hancock Center or the Park Tower?

The John Hancock Center has 100 stories, while the Park Tower has only 67.


When does the Chicago Blues Festival take place?

It takes place every year in June across four whole days of festivities.


When Wrigley Field was built in 1914, how much did it cost to build?

It cost $250,000. But that was then. That's today's equivalent of many millions of dollars.


What do visitors come to see at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum?

They flock to see books, papers and all kinds of things from Lincoln's time. There's also a replica of his childhood home there.


What external factor can influence the outcome of a hit at the Wrigley Field?

Surprisingly, the wind can do it. Depending on which way the wind blows can make a difference which team scores a victory.


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