Quiz: If You Were a Dog, What Breed Would You Be?
If You Were a Dog, What Breed Would You Be?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Image by Cuppyuppycake / Moment / Getty Images

About This Quiz

We're taking being envious of your pooch to a whole new level with this quiz. Instead of being jealous of your dog's pampered lifestyle, let's find out what kind of dog you would be! Then, you can imagine yourself being as loved and cherished as your best friend.

As we bark and scratch our way through this quiz, we are going to need to find out what you have in common with our furry friends. Each of our questions is geared toward finding out which traits and instincts you share with all the known dog breeds. Whether you are a tiny yipper or a large guard dog depends on the way you respond. 

Try not to overthink our questions. There's no pressure to be an award-winning Airedale terrier if you are more comfortable being a lazy lap dog living in a penthouse apartment. Tell us about the way you live and the way you feel about dogs, and your breed will become clear to us. 

If you start to sniff out some trouble, just answer as honestly as you can. Carry the bone home, and we'll let you know which dog breed you are at heart! 

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