If You Were a Deity, What Would You Be the God Of?

Isadora Teich

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About This Quiz

Everyone has heard of gods and goddesses like Shiva, Odin, Venus and Zeus. In the old days, deities often represented the forces of nature and other things that could not easily be understood and controlled. People tried to control their worlds by putting their faith in different gods and goddesses, who they believed would protect them. Without the aid of modern technology, which can with some accuracy predict and understand the weather and other forces of nature, people would say that gods and goddesses changed day into night, brought on the seasons and turned the tide. 

Deities ruled the seen and unseen. They played roles in life, death and everything in between. In certain mythologies, such as Greek, they even interacted with humans regularly. For better or for worse, Greek gods and goddesses could walk among mortals wielding their awesome and terrible powers. In world myth, some gods and goddesses are kind, but others are dark, vengeful and sometimes even evil. Things get very complicated because one deity might have many faces and forms and play multiple different roles. 

So, have you ever wondered what exactly you are the god of? Find out with this quiz of mythic proportions! 

What would you want your followers to leave you as offerings?

Of these words, which appeals to you most?

How outdoorsy are you?

Do you believe in ghosts?

Is it important to you to be a "good" deity?

Which season do you like best?

Which of these forms would you rather take?

Many deities are represented by animals. Which one would you pick?

How would you prefer to be worshipped?

As a deity, would you often walk on earth and interact with the mortal world?

Which mythological archetype would you rather fall into?

What would you want people to pray to you for?

What would you rather be able to control?

If a festival were to be held for you, which food would you rather be served?

What kind of woman would you like to appear as to mortals?

Sometimes deities are associated with different days of the week. Which would you choose for yourself?

Which of these mortal male forms would you rather appear as?

Where would you rather live as a deity?

How do you feel about candles?

Would you often do things for your followers?

How would you prefer people honor you?

As a deity, which part of the natural world would you rather be associated with?

How would you choose to communicate with followers?

As a deity, how would you want most people to feel about you?

Which idea would you rather be associated with?

How family-oriented are you?

What kind of physical activity do you prefer to do?

What sign would you rather your followers wear to pay respects to you?

If there was a holiday to celebrate you, what would you rather it involve?

What would you want your followers to do to honor you in their daily lives?

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