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About This Quiz

Haircuts are a big deal- even for those of us who think they aren't. Some of them are out of necessity, like if our hair has damage or breakage, while others are just choices that we make. Whatever the reason for the haircut, it signals a change, even if you're going from long to short, or vice versa. But having an idea of what you want and knowing what you should get are two different things. And oftentimes, the best choice to make is to go with a hairstyle that suits your personality. 

But to find out what that is would mean that you would have to take a quiz like this one. Either that or find someone who happens to be a hair expert, as well as someone who knows you like the back of their hand- a two-in-one combo that many of us aren't lucky to have. But there is hope and it comes in the form of this quiz. If you want us to find out what kind of haircut you should get by analyzing your hair needs and find out who you are as a person, this is the quiz for you!

So let's hurry up and get started!

What’s your natural hair color?

How long is it at the moment?

Which of these is closest to your hair texture?

What’s your go-to hairstyle?

How long does it take to achieve?

What’s the one hair product you apply every day?

Before you go to bed, what do you do to your hair?

Would you say that you have a hair routine?

What’s your biggest hair issue?

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to your hair?

Which celebrity’s hair stylist would you want to do your hair?

Are you a fan of hair extensions?

Which of these are you most likely to wear?

Have you ever cut your own hair?

Are you scared to do it to get your ideal haircut?

Tell us a bit about the way you look. How tall are you?

What's your skin tone like?

What's your favorite facial feature?

Which of these shapes best matches your body?

And which of these words best describes your style?

What are you like as a person?

What's your dream job?

What are you like in the morning?

Which of these scents would you want to smell like?

What kind of show are you more likely to sit down and watch?

If you had to play any sport, which would it be?

Do you have a dark side?

Which of these bad habits annoys you the most?

But what do people usually compliment you on?

Which of these makes you happiest?

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