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Hunting with dogs is a very controversial subject for some, even though history records dogs assisting men with hunting for thousands of years. Take this quiz to learn more about hunting with dogs.

When did men first use dogs for hunting?

Men started hunting with dogs as long as 20,000 years ago.


When did men begin to harvest and domesticate animals?

Men started harvesting and domesticating animals about 9,000 years ago.


What sense do dogs use to discover prey?

Dog use their strong sense of smell to track prey.


What type of dog is depicted in cave paintings as a hunter's helper?

Pointers are shown in cave paintings hunting with their masters.


What is the main reason for hunting with dogs today?

Today, dog hunting is mainly for the sport of it.


What group still hunts with dogs for subsistence?

Some isolated Alaskan families still hunt with dogs for subsistence.


How far back do dogs date?

According to current research, dogs may date back 135,000 years.


What is the most popular breed of dog in the U.S.?

The most popular breed is the Labrador retriever.


Which is a popular type of dog for the purpose of hunting?

Retrievers and setters are popular hunting dogs.


What hunting dog is known for its patience?

Setters are known for this quality.


What dog is the smallest used for hunting?

Spaniels are the smallest suitable for hunting.


What dog is used by the police to investigate crimes?

Hounds are often used by police and other investigative agencies.


How do dogs become great hunters?

Dogs must be trained to hunt.


What is a common method of deer hunting?

Stand hunting is a common method of deer hunting.


What hunting strategy will work well with dogs?

Sight hunting and driving are good strategies to include dogs.


What dog training method is used for basic dog obedience?

Conventional dog training imparts obedience.


With the e-collar method of dog training, what is used to punish a dog for not obeying commands?

Electric shock collars are used to punish a dog for not obeying commands.


What is an argument supporting the use of dogs for hunting?

Animal population control is a common argument in favor of using dogs for hunting.


Does hunting with dogs present an unfair advantage to the hunter?

This question is the ethical dilemma of hunting. Those in favor of dog hunting say no and those against dog hunting say yes.


What country has taken steps to outlaw hunting with dogs?

Britain has taken steps to make hunting with dogs illegal.


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