Quiz: The Ultimate Hunting Preserves Quiz
The Ultimate Hunting Preserves Quiz
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You love to hunt, but there aren't many open, public lands where you can do so. Perhaps a hunting preserve is for you. Hunting preserves are parcels of land licensed by their respective states to offer hunting for a fee. You can choose a commercial or a non-commercial preserve. Take this quiz to learn more about hunting preserves.

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What is the typical duration of the hunting season offered in hunting preserves?
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What is the legal status of non-commercial hunting preserves?
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How large is the hunting business?
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What is a major complaint of non-hunters regarding hunting preserves?
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Which among these is a traditional hunter safety program?
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What kind of all-in-one feature is offered by many hunting preserves?
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Which of these things can you also do in a hunting preserve?
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What is the size of the hunting preserve business in the U.S.?
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What positive skills do hunting preserves teach young people?
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What is the operation to get cranes and geese home during migration popularly known as?
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Which of these species of crane was brought back from the brink of extinction?
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Which of these places is a hunting preserve crucial for the survival of cranes in the U.S.?
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What type of hunting preserve is important for the survival of certain other species?
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What is it called when a hunting preserve uses fences to contain prey?
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Who among these accidentally shot a man while hunting in a preserve?
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Which of these organizations offers outdoor adventures for the terminally ill and disabled children?
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What percentage of hunters in the U.S. hunt on private lands?
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Which of these is the mad cow disease version for deer and elk?
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