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Hunters use lots of tricks to attract animals. Practice makes perfect when it comes to hunting calls. Take this quiz to learn about using hunting calls.

What does a hunter use to appeal to an animal's sense of sight?

A hunter uses a decoy to appeal to an animal's sense of sight.


What are hunting calls used for?

Hunting calls are used to appeal to an animal's sense of hearing.


What do hunting calls sound like?

Hunting calls mimic the sounds of your prey.


What is a type of hunting call?

There are many types of hunting calls, including those that are artistically handcrafted or mass-produced.


What hunting calls work with the push of a button?

Electric calls work with the push of a button.


What is a part of a hand call?

The five parts of the hand call are: barrel, reed, stopper, tone board and wedge.


What material can be used to make hand calls?

Plastic or wood can be used to make hand calls?


What machine is used to shape wood?

Wooden calls are shaped on a lathe.


Hunters use a hand call to attract what animal?

Deer can be attracted with a hand call.


What call is made from cedar or walnut wood?

A box call is made from cedar or walnut wood.


What call requires no hands to use?

An interior diaphragm is operated with your mouth only.


What animals are attracted to the call of an interior diaphragm call?

Interior diaphragm calls are used to attract turkeys, elk or hens.


What call is a friendly turkey greeting?

A cluck is a friendly type of turkey call.


What is the sound of a happy turkey?

Just like cats, happy turkeys purr.


What kind of call does a female duck make when she is looking for a date?

A female duck uses the lonesome hen call when she is looking for some male company.


How can you learn to make hunting calls?

Listen to hunting calls on a CD or online to learn how to copy the sounds.


What call attracts moose?

Moo like a cow when using a cow call to attract moose.


What group holds an annual turkey calling contest?

The National Wild Turkey Federation holds the annual Grand National Calling Contest for turkey calling.


Why do hunters hunt predators?

The pelts of some predators are quite valuable.


How can hunters amplify their calls?

Hunters can amplify their calls by using a makeshift megaphone.


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