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Hunting blinds are for serious hunters. You can purchase a retail blind or build one yourself. Take this quiz to learn more about using hunting blinds.

Hunters use blinds to hunt for what animals?

Hunters use blinds to hunt deer, waterfowl and turkeys.


Where did Native Americans construct hunting blinds?

Native Americans built their hunting blinds in the ground.


What kind of blind can be moved to a new location?

A portable blind can be easily moved to a new location.


What blind is easy to store and set-up for use?

A pop-up blind is lightweight and easy to store and set-up.


What blind resembles a sleeping bag?

A goose blind looks very like a sleeping bag.


What blind can give a 360-degree view?

A tripod blind can provide a panoramic view if installed in an open area.


What creature comforts are available in a hunting blind?

Hunters need not suffer -- adjustable padded seats are available for hunting blinds.


Where can you get a hunting blind?

Retail stores and the Internet offer them, or you can build one yourself.


How large should you build your hunting blind?

Build your hunting blind large enough to install a chair.


Where should you locate the hunting blind?

Locate a hunting blind near an area that animals go to eat or drink.


Why should you check with your state's Department of Natural Resources regarding the proper use of hunting blinds?

Some states have rules and regulations regarding their use.


What is an example of a state rule for hunting blinds?

Some states require orange material to be attached to the hunting blind.


What is the range for a common rifle?

Most hunting rifles have a range of 300 yards.


What is important to do when inside the hunting blind?

It is important to stay quiet.


Why should you mark your hunting blind in a noticeable way?

Mark your blind so other hunters know you are there.


How much do pop-up blinds weigh?

Pop-ups weigh 6 to 25 pounds (2.7 to 11 kilos).


Why should you stay still inside the hunting blind?

If you move around, you may create a shadow or make noise which may scare away the prey.


If animals don't see or hear hunters, how else can they sense imminent danger?

Animals can smell hunters, so try to stay out of the wind.


What is the range for bow hunting?

Bow hunting has a range of about 30 yards.


What is the key to success when using a hunting blind?

Just as with all real estate --location, location, location.


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