Quiz: Human Parasite Quiz
Human Parasite Quiz
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Are you interested in staring up at the ceiling tonight in stone cold terror, convinced that a worm is slowly eating you from the inside? Have we got the quiz for you.

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What's a parasite that you've probably had?
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What is NOT a class of parasite found in humans?
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How many cells are protozoa?
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But just because they're small doesn't mean they don't cause big problems. What is one protozoan parasite?
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What is one NTD?
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What bugs spread Chagas disease?
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The tsetse fly spreads what illness?
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Trichomoniasis is an STD that affects how many Americans?
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Beef tapeworms -- which are found in both cattle and humans -- are generally how long?
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How long does it take for the tapeworm to mature while inside the human intestine?
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Diphyllobothriasis is caused by eating:
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How long can the tapeworm that causes diphyllobothriasis grow to?
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One famous (or infamous) fluke causes:
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If you are hosting the lancet river fluke, you might have ingested:
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How many people does the CDC estimate are infected with hookworms?
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Bad news: Hookworms don't just get a hold of you if ingested. How else can they invade your literal inner peace?
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The human botfly causes:
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Any infection with fly larvae (such as the botfly) is called:
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What do bedbugs feed on?
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Do bedbugs spread disease?
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Let's end on everyone's favorite: lice. Where can you generally find lice on the head?
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