Quiz: Human Parasite Quiz
Human Parasite Quiz
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Are you interested in staring up at the ceiling tonight in stone cold terror, convinced that a worm is slowly eating you from the inside? Have we got the quiz for you.

While we might think of parasites as disease or illness-causing, some are quite benign.

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What's a parasite that you've probably had?

Yup, those itchy bites are a great example of a common and pesky parasite.

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What is NOT a class of parasite found in humans?

Although some are bugs, it's not a class of parasite.

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How many cells are protozoa?

Protozoa are teeny tiny one-celled organisms.

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But just because they're small doesn't mean they don't cause big problems. What is one protozoan parasite?

Malaria is not a mosquito.

It is the biggest parasitic killer, globally.

These parasitic (and bacterial) diseases cause illness in 1 billion people.

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What is one NTD?

The guinea worm has been on a steady decline due to safer drinking water and interventions.

Really, this quiz is not for the faint of heart.

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What bugs spread Chagas disease?

Triatominae, also known as kissing bugs, spread Chagas disease, which causes swelling of the eyelids and can advance to cardiac symptoms.

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The tsetse fly spreads what illness?

Sleep cycles are disrupted when the Trypanosoma brucei parasite is introduced by the tsetse fly.

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Trichomoniasis is an STD that affects how many Americans?

The parasite only causes symptoms in 30 percent of the people who have it, however.

Fasten your seatbelts: we're getting into worms.

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Beef tapeworms -- which are found in both cattle and humans -- are generally how long?

Ten meters is so many, many meters. Cook your beef thoroughly, folks.

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How long does it take for the tapeworm to mature while inside the human intestine?

So the tapeworm becomes an adult within two months, but then it can live for years in your intestine. Gulp.

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Diphyllobothriasis is caused by eating:

Only fish from freshwater, mind you.

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How long can the tapeworm that causes diphyllobothriasis grow to?

Horrible. Awful. Bad bad bad.

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The good thing about tapeworms is that they're generally treatable.

These worms are leaf-shaped.

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One famous (or infamous) fluke causes:

That's right; that rash you got from the lake is parasitic.

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If you are hosting the lancet river fluke, you might have ingested:

Don't eat ants.

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How many people does the CDC estimate are infected with hookworms?

Hookworm eggs are in the feces of infected people.

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Bad news: Hookworms don't just get a hold of you if ingested. How else can they invade your literal inner peace?

It just gets worse and worse.

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The human botfly causes:

And you'll see why in a second. . .

Botfly, you are not welcome here.

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Any infection with fly larvae (such as the botfly) is called:

But horrifying might apply too.

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What do bedbugs feed on?

There may be a lot of tears involved if you have bedbugs though.

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Do bedbugs spread disease?

Unlike mosquitoes or fleas, bedbugs don't spread diseases to their hosts.

But don't forget the psychological affects of bedbugs -- lack of sleep, and total paranoia about your living conditions.

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Let's end on everyone's favorite: lice. Where can you generally find lice on the head?

Sticking close to the roots, the lice like to lay eggs around the hairline and nape of the neck.

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