Quiz: Quiz: Hooray for Hula Hoops
Quiz: Hooray for Hula Hoops
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There's much more to the hula hoop than meets the eye. More than a childhood toy or a backyard prop, the hoop is a cultural artifact that has rolled along through much of human history. So step right up, grab a hoop and put your knowledge to the test!

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Let's start with an easy one: How many corners does a hula hoop have?
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Which decade gave us the name "hula hoop"?
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Which motion picture fictionalized the invention of the hula hoop?
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Oh no, a physics question! What allows a hula hoop to continue its movement around your waist after you give it a whirl?
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Which Greek mythological figure is often depicted with a hoop?
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Those ancient Greeks loved hoop rolling. How did they trick out some of their hoops?
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The ancient British enjoyed a battle game in which participants hurled spears at a rolling wooden or metal hoop. What was it called?
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Which U.S. city hosts the annual World Championship Hoop Dance Contest to celebrate Native American hoop dancing traditions?
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Some historians of Native American culture believe the Cahokian hoop-and-spear game "chunkey" represented which of the following?
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How much did a hula hoop cost in 1958 America?
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Which first lady hula hooped on the White House lawn during an event promoting childhood fitness?
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According to a 2011 study sponsored by the American Council on Exercise, the average person burns how many calories during a half hour of hula hooping?
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Fitness hoopers sometimes use hoops augmented with what feature?
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Which actor credits hoop fitness classes for helping her get in shape for her role as a stripper?
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Which of the following is NOT used to make hula hoops glow during concerts, festivals or other nighttime events?
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In 2003, Israeli artist Sigalit Landau used a hula hoop made of what material in a provocative video piece?
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Which video game fighting franchise features a character with a weaponized hula hoop?
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Ukraine's Anna Bessonova used a hula hoop during the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Which event was it?
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If planetary rings were hula hoops, then how many planets in our solar system currently would be hula hoop enthusiasts?
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