How Would You Escape from Shawshank?

Steven Miller

Image: IMBD

About This Quiz

This quiz will present you with your preferred strategy for breaking out of Shawshank Prison by analyzing your skills, level of patience, athletic ability and various other factors.

How patient would you say you are?

How physically fit are you?

Where would rate your intelligence?

How resourceful are you?

How fast can you run?

How afraid of heights are you?

How claustrophobic are you?

How good of an actor are you?

How handy are you?

How strong are you?

How observant are you?

How good are you at tying knots?

How good are you at making friends?

Do you consider yourself to be a planner?

How impulsive are you?

Which word best describes your body shape?

How would you rate your sewing skills?

How convincingly can you lie?

How much time do you have to pull off your plan?

How many people are you comfortable having in on your plan?

Which of the following set of skills is highest for you?

How good are you at improvisation?

How agile are you?

How well are you able to organize?

How good are you at working with tools?

How much do you want to rely on guard help in your escape?

What is your plan for after you break out?

Will you have help on the outside?

How much discomfort are you willing to endure to make your escape?

How many things have to go right for your plan to work?

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