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Looking for a movie to bring out the soft side of your favorite football fan? Look no further than "Rudy," a 1993 blockbuster based on the fabled life of Rudy Ruettiger -- a player willing to do whatever it took to hit the field, no matter how many people tried to tell him he wasn't cut out for college football. Take our quiz to see how much you remember about this motivational masterpiece.

Who starred as Rudy in the film?

Sean Astin, son of TV legend Patty Duke, played aspiring football star Rudy Ruettiger -- a man who didn't have the height, playing skill or even the grades to get into his college of choice and make the football team.


Where did Rudy and his family hail from?

The Ruettigers lived in Illinois, but Rudy's dream school, Notre Dame, is located in Indiana. The entire family were fans of the school and its sports teams long before Rudy ever hit the field.


True or false: "Rudy" was the only movie ever filmed at Notre Dame.

The University of Notre Dame is a storied school for football fans. "Rudy" was the first movie to be filmed on the South Bend, Indiana school grounds since "Knute Rockne, All American" in 1940.


Where did Rudy's dad work?

Rudy came from a true blue-collar family. His dad and two older brothers worked at a steel mill, where Rudy himself also took a job at one point.


What was the name of Rudy's best friend, whose death inspired him to pursue his Notre Dame dreams?

Christopher Reed played Rudy's best buddy. After Pete died, Rudy knew that he should seize the moment and turn his dreams into reality.


How did Pete die?

After a major accident at the mill, Pete died a hero when he used his final breaths to save as many men as possible. The selfless act inspired Rudy to go after what he really wanted.


Where does Rudy go to school as he works to get into Notre Dame?

Rudy doesn't have the grades to get accepted to Notre Dame, so he enrolls at Holy Cross -- a junior college in Notre Dame, Indiana, that will allow him to pursue his education as he works to get into his dream school.


Where does Rudy work when he takes a job at Notre Dame?

Rudy is so determined to spend as much time at Notre Dame as possible that he offers to work for free. Instead, he is given a job as a groundskeeper, making minimum wage.


Who is the head groundskeeper and Rudy's boss?

It is a groundskeeper named Fortune, played by actor Charles S. Dutton, who sees Rudy's determination and gives him the groundskeeper job at Notre Dame.


Where does Rudy sleep while working at Notre Dame?

Rudy sneaks into Fortune's office using the window and sleeps there at night. After a while, the groundskeeper figures out what's going on and gives Rudy a key.


Who is Rudy's tutor, played by Jon Favreau?

Jon Favreau played D-Bob, a teaching assistant at Holy Cross who is also a grad student at Notre Dame.


What does D-Bob want from Rudy in exchange for tutoring?

D-Bob agrees to tutor Rudy in exchange for Rudy's help with improving his social life. D-Bob is the one who finally discovers that Rudy suffers from dyslexia.


How many times does Rudy have to apply to get accepted to Notre Dame?

Rudy spends two years applying to Notre Dame. After three rejections, he is finally accepted on his fourth try, when he is in his final semester of transfer eligibility.


True or false: Rudy is assigned to the first-string team once he is accepted to Notre Dame.

Getting accepted to Notre Dame is only the beginning of the battle for Rudy. Coach Ara Parseghian starts Rudy off on the practice squad, which means he never actually gets to play in games.


Who replaced Coach Parseghian after the 1974 season?

Rudy's efforts to convince Coach Parseghian to let him suit up for the game are wasted when former NFL coach Dan Devine takes over the team after the 1974 season.


Who is Rudy's girlfriend before he leaves for South Bend?

Rudy is willing to sacrifice anything for his Notre Dame dreams, even his long-term girlfriend, Sherry, played by Lili Taylor.


Why does Rudy quit the team before the season ends?

When Coach Dan Devine comes to Notre Dame, he lets Rudy stay on the team, but refuses to put him on the active roster. This prompts Rudy to quit.


Who played half-back Jamie O'Hara?

In one of his very first film roles, a young Vince Vaughn played Notre Dame half-back -- and bully -- Jamie O'Hara.


Who convinces Rudy to rejoin the team after he quits?

After quitting the football team, Rudy learns that Fortune was once a member of the squad, but quit because he felt he was being discriminated against. With Fortune's encouragement, Rudy rejoins the team in time for the final game of the season.


True or false: The other senior players convince Coach Devine to let Rudy play in the game.

Lead by Team Captain Roland Steele, the other senior players throw their jerseys on the coach's desk to convince him to put Rudy in for the game.


Which team does Rudy finally get to play against?

Coach Devine finally relents and puts Rudy into the final game of the season, against Georgia Tech.


True or false: Rudy scored a touchdown to win the game against Georgia Tech.

Rudy never scored a touchdown, but he did managed to sack a Georgia Tech player as the crowd chanted his name.


True or false: In real life, the senior players never threw their jerseys on the coach's desk to help Rudy win a spot on the field.

Hey, it's a movie, right? The film took some liberties with the truth -- primarily the scene where players threw their jerseys on the coach's desk, which never happened in real life.


True or false: Rudy was the first person in history to be carried off the field after a Notre Dame football game.

Rudy was carried off the field by his teammates to celebrate the fact that he finally got to play, making him the first Notre Dame player in history to have that honor.


What was Rudy's jersey number?

Life-long Notre Dame fan Rudy Ruettiger wore the number 45 for two defensive snaps in a single game during his single year.


What was the name of Rudy's brother, who stole his girlfriend while he was away in South Bend?

While Rudy was focused on football, his brother John ended up in a relationship with Rudy's girlfriend Sherry -- which Rudy discovered during a visit back home.


What did Rudy do when he joined the Notre Dame Booster Club?

Rudy joined the school Booster Club for a single day, where he painted helmets before he was kicked off when it was discovered he wasn't a student at the school.


Which future football legend was on the field with Rudy on that magical day?

Joe Montana was a freshman at Notre Dame when Rudy finally got to play in a game. He has gone on record to point out some of the facts about that day that were exaggerated in the film.


What has Rudy been doing since quitting football?

Anyone who has seen the film knows that Rudy was willing to do just about anything to make his dreams come true -- which is probably why he's found such great success as a motivational speaker.


What got Ruettiger in big trouble in 2011?

Ruettiger and a group of other investors were charged by the SEC in 2011 for fraud related to Rudy's sports drink company.


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