Quiz: How well do you remember Tarantino's "True Romance"?
How well do you remember Tarantino's "True Romance"?
By: Jodi C.
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Test your knowledge of this 90s love-on-the-lam story!

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In what city does "True Romance" begin?
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Who provides the occasional voice-over narration?
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Where does Alabama say she's from?
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Which actor stars in the triple feature Clarence goes to?
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How long does Alabama say she's been a call girl?
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What do Clarence and Alabama do the morning after their night together?
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Who encourages Clarence, via a hallucination, to kill Alabama's pimp?
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Who plays Drexl, Alabama's pimp?
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What is the name of the gangster whose cocaine Drexl was selling?
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Who played Clifford, Clarence's father?
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What does Clarence's father work as?
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What does Clarence -- and later Clifford -- say Alabama tastes like?
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Who plays the Sicilian mobster, Don Vincenzo, who comes to see Clifford?
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Who played Dick's stoner roommate?
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To whom are Clarence and Alabama trying to sell the cocaine?
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Who played the hapless actor who got dragged into the cocaine sale?
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At what hotel does the attempted cocaine sale take place?
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Who plays one of the cops setting up the film producer?
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Other than Clarence and Alabama, who escapes the sale/sting-gone-wrong?
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Where do Clarence and Alabama escape to?
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What does Alabama name their son?
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Which actress was NOT considered for the role of Alabama?
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Tom Sizemore also played a cop in what thematically-similar film?
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Which actor favored by Tarantino was considered for the role of Don Vincenzo?
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Who ended up with the purple Cadillac convertible used in the film?
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