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Lassie is a brave dog! After missing her owner, she travels all the way back home just to be with him. How well do you know her adventure back home? Take the quiz to find out!

Why were the Carraclough's forced to sell Lassie?

The Carraclough's sold Lassie because they couldn't afford to keep her. It cost the family a lot of money to care for her, and they thought it was best to sell her to someone who could give her the care she deserved.

Who was Lassie sold to?

Lassie was sold to the Duke of Rudling. She knew she was being sold, and was reluctant to leave Joe when he went into school that day.

Where did the Duke live?

The Duke lived in Scotland. He took Lassie there with him, but Lassie wasn't planning on staying long if she was able to make a get away!

What did Lassie wait by every day?

Lassie waited by the same tree outside of Joe's school, every day at 4 p.m. Joe knew something was wrong if his dog wasn't there when the bell rang!

Is it true or false that after Lassie escaped from the pen the first time, the Duke allowed her to stay with Joe?

This is false. After Lassie escaped from her pen at the kennel, Hynes came to take her back. He thought that she was trained to come back home so the Carraclough's could re-sell her.

Who promised to take care of Lassie while she was staying with the Duke?

Priscilla promised Joe that she would take care of Lassie while she lived at the Duke's kennels. She took instructions from Joe to make sure that Lassie was kept happy.

When Lassie got away from Hynes while on a walk, what did Priscilla do?

Priscilla let Lassie leave after she escaped from Hynes while he was taking her for a walk. Priscilla opened the gate so Lassie could make her way back home to her family.

Who was killed by Buckles and Snickers?

Toots, Rowlie's dog, was killed by Buckles and Snickers. Lassie did her best to save both Toots and Rowlie. Rowlie was devastated by Toots' death.

What happened to Lassie after she left Rowlie?

After Lassie left Rowlie, two dog catchers took after her. They noticed that she didn't have a license on her and wanted to take her to the pound.

What did Lassie injure while trying to escape the dog catchers?

Lassie injured her leg when she was trying to escape from the dog catchers. She had jumped from a very high window to get away and landed on the pavement below.

Is it true or false that Lassie and Joe reunited at Joe's school?

It is true that Lassie and Joe reunited at school. Lassie waited for Joe, as usual, despite how weak she was from traveling all the way back home!

At the beginning of the movie, there is a dedication. Who is the movie dedicated to?

The movie is dedicated to the author of the original story of Lassie. His name was Major Eric McKnight and he was killed in WW II.

Can you fill in the blank of this phrase Joe's mother said?: Have a good time with _____________ today!

Joe's mother told him to have a good time with Lassie that day. It caught his attention because he didn't understand why that day was so special.

What did Lassie do while Joe was sleeping?

Lassie woke Joe up while he was sleeping. First she put her face on his bed, and after he still didn't get out of bed, she pulled the covers off of him!

What did Joe do when he couldn't find Lassie after school?

After Joe couldn't find Lassie waiting for him outside of the school, he ran home to tell his parents. It was then that he received the bad news that they had to sell their beloved dog.

What did Priscilla notice when she first saw Lassie?

Priscilla noticed that Lassie looked sick. The Duke called Hynes over to explain why Lassie didn't seem like herself. He said that she was just adjusting and needed to eat, although she was missing her home and Joe.

How did Lassie escape from the Duke's kennel?

Lassie escaped from the Duke's kennel by digging a hole under the fence. She made her way back home where she waited for a surprised Joe to come out of the school!

Is it true or false that Lassie liked to meet Joe outside of the school when his day was finished?

It is true! Lassie always met Joe outside of the school after his day was finished. She was never late to meet her owner!

What did Joe and Lassie do after Lassie escaped by jumping the fence at the kennels?

After Lassie jumped the fence at the kennels, Joe and Lassie hid. When Hynes came back to the house to take Lassie back, Sam went to find them to bring Lassie back to the kennels.

Is it true or false that Lassie is a collie?

It is true that Lassie is a collie! The dog that played her in the movie was a collie named Pal!

Who treated Lassie very badly?

Hynes treated Lassie very badly. He tied her up in chains and he was very aggressive when taking her for a walk. Luckily, Lassie got away from him.

According to a sign, what parts of a dog found killing the sheep must be brought to receive a reward?

According to a sign posted by Duncan MacKenzie, he would pay a reward to anyone who brought back the head and feet of any dog found killing his sheep. Although Lassie wasn't interested in the sheep, two men and their dog still went after her.

What surprise did Joe's parents have for him one day?

Although Joe was thankful for the pencils, he was really hoping Lassie was the surprise.

What did Dally and Dan'l do when they found Lassie had collapsed in their yard?

Dally and Dan'l took care of Lassie after they found her collapsed in their yard. They nursed her back to health and then let her get on her way!

How did Dally know Lassie had somewhere she wanted to go?

Dally knew that Lassie had somewhere to go because she wanted to go outside at a certain time every day. Dally sensed that Lassie was on her way to somewhere important.

Who did Lassie meet after she left the elderly couple who took her in?

After Lassie left the elderly couple, she met Rowlie and Toots. Rowlie was a tinker, and Toots was his dog.

Is it true or false that Rowlie fed Lassie when he first saw her?

It is true. When Rowlie first saw Lassie, he noticed that she was afraid. He gave her some food and hoped that she would be less afraid of him and Toots.

What did Rowlie and Toots do in the villages in which they stopped?

Rowlie and Toots put on a performance in each of the towns in which they stopped. Lassie joined in for one of their performances, and Rowlie said that she was royalty!

Where did Joe think his family's luck went?

Joe thought his family's luck had left with Lassie. His father wasn't able to find a job, even though he tried very hard to find one.

After Lassie made it all the way back home from Scotland, who showed up at the Carraclough's house?

After Lassie had finally made it back home from Scotland, the Duke showed up to the Carraclough's house. He came back to find out if Lassie had travelled all the way back to her home.

Is it true or false that Sam was never able to find a job?

It is false. Sam was able to find a job with the Duke! He asked him to work at the kennels with his dogs since there was a job opening there.

Can you fill in the blank?: When the Duke found out that Lassie was indeed at the Carraclough's house, he ________________.

When the Duke found out that Lassie was indeed at the Carraclough's, he pretended that it wasn't her. He could see how much Lassie loved her family and how much they loved her back, so he went along with them.

What special event happened at the end of the movie?

Lassie was shown with her puppies at the end of the movie. After reuniting with Joe, the family found their luck again, thanks to their special pup!

How did Lassie make it into England?

Lassie made it into England by swimming through a river. She was very exhausted, which was how she met the elderly couple who helped her.

What do many of the people who encounter Lassie throughout the film call her?

Many people who encounter Lassie throughout the film call her "Lady." Of course, they don't know her name, but from her demeanor, they sense that she is a very polite and friendly dog.

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