Quiz: How Well Do You Remember 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'?
How Well Do You Remember 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade'?
By: Allie T.
Image: Lucasfilm

About This Quiz

Test your knowledge on Dr. Jones and his search for the grail.

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Who plays a young Indiana Jones?
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What does young Indy think belongs in a museum?
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How did Indy get his trademark scar across his chin?
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Where did Indy get his trademark hat?
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Indy gets a package from ________ ?
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Who informs Indy that his father is missing?
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Donovan hired Indy's father to find what artifact?
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The broken stone tablet that Donovan has Indy translate is in what language?
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The Holy Grail is said to reside in the ________?
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The Holy Grail is guarded by ________?
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The Holy Grail is a ______?
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What powers does the Holy Grail give to the person who drinks from it?
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What is in the package mailed to him from Venice, Italy?
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Who travels to Italy with Indy?
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Who is Brody & Indy's contact in Venice?
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The library they visit in Venice is a converted ______?
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Three, Seven, and Ten are Roman numerals in the church and on a scrap of paper in Indy's dad's handwriting. What is the number ten indicating?
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The catacombs are full of ________?
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Who tries to kill Indy and Dr. Schneider in the catacombs and in the boat chase?
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Indy and his father share more than DNA, as they've both been intimate​ with ________?
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When Indy and Elsa visit the castle, they discover it's a headquarters for the ____________?
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What does Jones Sr. call Indy that he doesn't like?
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What's happening around Henry and Indy while they're tied up together?
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Who signs the Grail diary for Indy?
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How does Henry Sr. stop the fighter plane from gunning them down?
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Who shoots Henry Sr.?
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The last of the three lethal tests Indy must pass to reach the Grail is to have ________?
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Does Donovan choose wisely?
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Who tries to reach for the Grail and dies?
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Since his real name is Henry Jones Jr., where did he get Indiana from?
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