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"Flatliners" is an unforgettable '90s movie that recently got a remake! Before you see the new version, it's best to test your knowledge of the original. This quiz is so exciting, it may put you in a coma.

"Flatliners" starred Julia Roberts and which actor?

"Flatliners" was a breakout hit for both Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland. Apparently, they dated during the filming of the movie.

What year did the original "Flatliners" come out?

The original "Flatliners" came out in 1990. That was a great way to start off a decade!

Which of these actors was almost in the film?

Both of these actors were almost cast in the leading roles. That would have been a very different movie!

The film deals with what issue?

"Flatliners" was one of a slew of '90s films that dealt with the afterlife and near-death experiences. Other films included "Ghost" and "Jacob's Ladder."

Who directed the film?

Joel​ Schumacher worked on a number of brilliant movies in the '90s. He would later go on to direct "Dying Young" in order to work with Julia Roberts again.

Who said, "My attraction to the character was that he had an incredible passion for what he did, and for what he believed, and that kind of conviction is always a very appealing thing to play"?

This is a Kiefer Sutherland quote, regarding his character, Nelson Wright. The role was very fulfilling for the young actor.

Kevin Bacon's character was the _____ of the group.

Kevin Bacon played David Labraccio, the pragmatic idealist that everyone comes to depend on. He provides the voice of reason for the other experimenters.

Who was the oldest cast member, among the medical student characters?

They were all playing the same age, but Kevin Bacon was actually older than the rest of the pack. However, you can't tell when you watch the movie.

Which famous actor produced the film?

Michael Douglas was a producer on the film. He had starred in a similar movie called "Coma," based on a Michael Crichton book.

Who said, "Hello, I'm nice, he's nice, we're both f***ing lunatics. Can I come in, please?"

This famous line was spoken by Kiefer Sutherland's character, Nelson Wright. As you may recall, he was the spitfire of the group.

Who said, "I did not come to medical school to murder my classmates, no matter how deranged they might be"?

This is a famous quote from Randy Steckle. The character was expertly played by Oliver Platt.

Who said, "Nelson, if you die, can I have your apartment?"

Dr. Joe Hurley always had a keen wit to him. The character was played by a young William Baldwin.

Who said, "This is not the kind of sh*t I want on my transcript"?

Joe Hurley has all the great lines. We'll never forget when this little gem came out of William Baldwin's mouth.

What is a flatliner?

A flatliner is someone who has no vital signs, thus producing a flat line on EKG and EEG monitors. Basically, it means you're dead.

In the film, blue lighting forecasts what?

The blue lighting in the movie is a clear sign that something bad is about to happen. Sorry to give it away.

In the film, orange lighting bodes _____ ?

Whenever the light turns orange in the movie, it means that something good is going to happen! If only this were true in real life.

Who had to "face what he has done to the young women who have trusted him"?

Joe Hurley, played by William Baldwin, had to atone for being a handsome lady killer. His sexual conquests definitely came back for retaliation. The quote is from director Joel Schumacher.

Which genre does the movie fall into?

"Flatliners" is actually described as a science fiction psychological horror movie. That's a lot of genres!

How many medical students are part of the experiments​?

There are five medical students on the team. This includes Roberts, Sutherland, Bacon, Platt and Baldwin.

Where was the film shot?

Chicago, Illinois, is where the movie is set. Most of the filming took place on the Loyola University campus.

What studio released "Flatliners"?

The film was theatrically released by Columbia Pictures on August 10, 1990. It grossed $61 million at the box office.

Many of the cast members were considered part of _______.

The Brat Pack was a handful of famous actors from the '80s. The cast members of "Flatliners" were not in the Brat Pack, but they were considered the new Brat Pack, sort of.

Who described "Flatliners" as "a story about atonement and forgiveness involving these students who, in a sense, violate the gods and pay a price."

This is a famous quote from director Joel Schumacher. He went on to say, "I think we would all like to know what's in store for us after we die. There have been thousands of reports from all over the world from those who have encountered 'near death,' and most of them have reported pleasant experiences."

Who said, "All five people in this movie have a different reason for wanting to do this. My character is almost obsessed with the idea of death, and making sure that when you die you're going to a good place"?

This quote perfectly describes Roberts' character, Dr. Rachel Mannus. Indeed, all of those medical students were obsessed with death!

Did "Flatliners" only shoot in Chicago?

Although principal photography took place in Chicago, there was also filming at Burbank Studios in California. Photography was completed in 1990.

"Flatliners" opened in the same year as which of these movies?

Julia Roberts had quite the year in 1990! Both "Flatliners" and "Pretty Woman" were released in that year.

What was the design style for the lab?

The lab where the students do their experiments was purposefully designed to be dark, gothic and ominous. The design was by Eugenio Zanetti.

Was "Flatliners" nominated for an Academy Award?

"Flatliners" was nominated for Best Effects, Sound Effects Editing, but it did not win. "Flatliners" fans think the movie should have had more nominations​!

Who carries around a tape recorder in the movie?

Randy Steckle, played by Oliver Platt, is famous for carrying around a tape recorder. He plans to use it to help him pen a book about his life as a doctor.

Who wrote "Flatliners"?

This was the debut cinematic script for Peter Filardi. He would also become famous for his film, "The Craft."

Who said, "Today is a good day to die"?

These are the first words that Nelson Wright speaks. Talk about setting the tone for the movie!

Who said, "You bring the equipment, I'll bring my balls"?

There are some pretty clever lines in "Flatliners." In terms of one-liners, Kiefer Sutherland has some gems.

Who said, "We're finally going to have something to hold over those f***ing baby boomers"?

Randy drops a lot of F-bombs in "Flatliners." This is a classic Gen X vs. Boomers line.

Who played Winnie Hicks?

Kimberly Scott is the marvelous actress who plays Winnie Hicks. She's known for her work both on stage and screen.

"Flatliners" debuted at #?

"Flatliners" debuted at #1 and took in $10 million at the box office its opening weekend. It was released on August 10, 1990.

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