Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Drive-In Culture?
How Well Do You Remember Drive-In Culture?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

The drive-in culture is as American as apple pie and baseball. You think you can challenge yourself to see if you’ve got enough of that vintage Americana knowledge within you? Then open up this quiz and hop in -- pun intended!

The drive-in culture was ushered into the American scene during World War II. As it started to boom, the culture also changed drastically due to the effects of this war. But after the war, the scene was another story -- a more nostalgic one.

Soldiers soon came back home, went back to living their lives and working on their jobs, and started having families of their own. Of course, American pop culture started entertaining them, and American culture also started developing around them. Intersect these developments on the homefront with technological innovations reaped from the Industrial Revolution and you get newer forms of living life, experiencing life, participating in life, and enjoying life.

The drive-in culture was one such development that Americans enjoyed experiencing. During its heyday in the 1940s and ‘50s, around 4,000 drive-in theaters existed all over the country. While the numbers have dwindled drastically, some of them still exist today.

So, you think you can hop on in to challenge yourself with this fun drive-in quiz? Then open it up and drive on down the road!

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At the center of the drive-in culture is what kind of Industrial Revolution “machine”?
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The term "drive-in” always invokes this kind of establishment. What is it?
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In which US state was the first drive-in recognized?
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What is essentially the concept of a drive-in theater?
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The success of drive-in culture owed much to the success of this mass-produced affordable car. What was it?
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Originally, how many movies could you watch at a drive-in theater?
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With the advent of the car came the advent of this passage system, which also helped the drive-in culture boom. What was this system?
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In which decade was the first drive-in theater born?
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Where did drive-in inventor Richard Hollingshead Jr. try creating many experiments that eventually led to his greatest invention?
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What brand of movie projector did drive-in inventor Hollingshead Jr. use for his project?
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The earliest drive-in setup consisted of an outdoor screen. But where were the speakers placed?
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What aspect of the drive-in viewing experience did Hollingston Jr. made sure of, before opening his establishment?
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What did Hollingston Jr. install in his first drive-in theater to ensure that cars’ occupants could view the film screen properly?
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The first patented drive-in theater in New Jersey showed the “foreign film” entitled "Wives Beware!" Where was this film originally from?
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True or false: The first drive-in theater’s primary target market was families.
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The first patrons of the drive-in theater culture were called what?
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Which popular movie musical glorified the drive-in theater culture of the ‘50s?
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Since it’s an outdoor cinema viewing experience, what did Hollingshead Jr. do to “block” outsiders from seeing the outdoor screen?
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Since the earliest drive-ins broadcast the sound very loudly, what happened to the mostly suburban areas where they were located?
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Usually, what time of day did the early drive-ins show their films?
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Since families could bring small children in the back seat of their cars, this “informal industry” suffered. What industry is this?
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It was obvious that the one-source speaker wasn’t working for drive-ins. What sound innovation came next?
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Teenagers of the 1950s discovered the drive-in as a great place to do this activity.
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Drive-ins got a notorious reputation when patrons started to make out or have sex inside the parked cars! What did the media call this “phenomenon”?
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What’s a drive-in theater without this other kind of establishment?
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Aside from watching from the comforts of their car, what activity did drive-in patrons enjoy doing there?
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Which generation is credited with helping the drive-in concept boom, especially after World War II?
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Next to movies, drive-ins also offered snacks. What do you call the servers who delivered the food to the customers’ cars?
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When the standing speakers didn’t really fly, what was the next audio innovation for drive-ins?
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Aside from speakers hanging on the car windows, what food innovation was later hung in windows?
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What kind of flashy lights were used to attract patrons to “drive in” the drive-ins?
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What final audio innovation was applied to the drive-in theater system?
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In what other country did the drive-in boom during the 1950s era?
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