Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Canadian Slang?
How Well Do You Really Know Canadian Slang?
By: Deborah Beckwin
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Oh, Canada -- it's a country that Americans love to make fun of (e.g., America's backyard). But the Great White North, which just celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2017, thinks of itself as America, but better. Nothing like some friendly competition in the North America continent, eh? 

But what does it mean to be Canadian? You may not know that most Canadians live in urban and suburban places because most of the land is coniferous forest, tundra and in a polar climate.

Even many Canadians will tell you that some of the Canadian stereotypes are true and you'll see this in their slang. They love their beer. They really are painfully polite. Poutine is a national treasure. Hockey is life. 

But some stereotypes aren't true, such as it's winter all the time and that you'll see the Canadian Mounties riding along everywhere. Even how they say the words "about" and "out," non-Canadians (especially Americans) get this wrong a lot. It's not aboot, it's aboat. 

So are you ready to take this quiz on Canadian slang? Well, give'r and let's go! Good luck!

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Your Canadian coworker walks up to your desk and asks, "What you sayin'?" What did they ask you?
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This is quintessentially Canadian: what's "Timmies" a nickname for?
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You have your double-double from Timmies, so you've got to get some "Timbits" -- so what are you ordering?
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Canadians have another name for whole milk. Do you know what it is?
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Americans call this Canadian bacon, but what do Canadians call it?
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If you're hungry for some "KD," what food are you looking for?
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In America, there are regional differences on what to call soft drinks. So what do Canadians call soft drinks?
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You're about to go get some groceries and you ask your Canadian friend if they need anything. "Yeah," they say, "Could you bring back a two-four?" So what is that?
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You want your Canadian friend to chip in some money for the two-four, and they say, "Sure, let me find you some loonies and toonies." What kind of money are they giving you?
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If you're working on your "Molson muscle", what part of your body are you working?
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In Canada, if you hear someone talking about a "mickey," what are they referring to?
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If you're going to get some "darts" in Canada, what are you purchasing?
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It's Monday afternoon at work and you're struggling to finish a project. Your Canadian co-worker walks by with some coffee for you and says, "Just give'r!" What did they just say?
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You can always find at least one of these people at school or at work -- what's a "keener"?
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To keep warm in Canada, you'll need this -- what is a toque?
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Which of these words is NOT a Canadian slang term for underwear?
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You and your Canadian friend are going out to run errands, and they tell you, "Wait, let me put my runners on first" -- what are they putting on?
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In the car, you're driving and your Canadian friend is giving you directions. "Hang a Roger at the stop sign, and then hang a Larry at the next light." What directions were you given?
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If you're going "out for a rip," what are you doing or where are you going?
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You ask for directions from a Canadian and they say, "Oh, it's just three klicks that way, you can't miss it." What measurement are they using?
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You and your Canadian friend are looking at bars to go to and they point to one saying, "That place is always a gongshow!"
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You're watching hockey and see two hockey fans start fighting in the stands. What would your Canadian friend call this?
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Those two hockey fans who were fighting were separated by their friends, but your Canadian says, "They keep chirping at each other." What are the fans doing?
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Your Canadian friend sees you in the kitchen while you're making some poutine for them, and they say, "I'll be out on the chesterfield if you need any help." Where will your friend be?
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This American outdoor chair is called an Adirondack chair. What are they called in Canada?
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What do Canadians call the bathroom?
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What's the common name for the electrical service or electricity in Canada?
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There are some nicknames Canadian cities. So what's Winnipeg, Manitoba's nickname?
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If you know the rapper Drake, then you know the city that has the nickname "The 6."
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We can't have a quiz on Canadian slang without some hockey terms. If a player fakes another out (such as the goalie), what is that called?
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No hockey player likes the person who hangs out near the goal to score some easy goals without playing any defense. What is that person called?
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If someone is "on pogey," then what is that person on?
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If you're Canadian, it's OK to be a Canuck, but it's not OK to be this slang term.
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