How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

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A long time ago a philosopher named Plato wrote about soulmates. According to the story he told, there was a time when humans were actually four-legged, four-armed monsters that rolled around like wagon wheels and Zeus was not a fan of us at all. Zeus split us in half because reasons and the result was that we're wandering the Earth with our two legs and two arms looking for the person who completes us. When you find that person, that's your soulmate, the other half of who you were always meant to be.  It's a bit of a goofy story and he didn't literally believe that it was just to illustrate a point - we all have a soulmate. There's a person out there who knows you as well as they know themselves. Someone you're just meant to fit with and who you were always meant to be with.

Whether or not you believe in soulmates doesn't really matter, so long as you believe in love. If you believe in that, and you love someone, you can really come to know that person in ways no one else ever could or will. If you're in a relationship like that, you might wonder just how well you truly know your partner. Lucky for you we're about to find out!

In a relationship, you don't just get your partner you get their friends. Can you name your partner's five closets friends?

Off the top of your head do you know the name of your partner's least favorite food and why they don't like it?

Without checking are you 100% positive you know what color their eyes are?

Did your partner ever tell you what they thought they wanted to be when they grew up?

If your partner is feeling stressed out can you tell right away from how they're acting?

If there's a big family holiday coming up, do you already know who your partner will be most excited to see in their family?

Are you able to tell when your partner is getting sick before they even tell you?

This one's going to hurt a little. If your partner could cheat on you and there was literally no way you would ever find out, do you think they'd to it?

That you're aware of, has your partner ever lied to you?

Would your partner be able to do a quiz like this one?

Would your partner let you scroll through the photos and messages on their phone right this second if you asked?

If you're getting ready to go out and your partner asked you to hand them their favorite shirt would you know what to grab?

Are you able to tell your partner when they've screwed something up pretty badly and it was their own fault?

Do you know the name of your partner's greatest enemy?

When your partner's birthday rolls around do you struggle for a gift or do you know just what to get?

Does your partner have a secret dream or goal that they don't talk about very often?

Suppose your partner came home all angry about something. How quickly can you get them calmed down?

Are you able to plant a single kiss on your partner in a way that'll drive them crazy?

If you knew your partner had a rough day and you wanted to surprise them, would you know just the meal to have ready when they got home?

If you and your partner aren't together, do you find yourself thinking about what they might be up to a lot?

Communication is key or so they say. How much time would you say you spend talking to your partner on an average day?

When you and your partner disagree about something, how do you handle it?

If you truly know your partner then you absolutely know what not to order on a pizza. Are you confident in your pizza order?

It's Halloween! Are you and your partner able to nail down an awesome couple's costume?

Would you say your partner is also your best friend?

If you were abducted by aliens, how far would your partner go to save you?

If your celebrity crush ran into you on the street and offered to take you to lunch, would your partner be cool with it?

Is your relationship truly a partnership or is one of you more in charge than the other?

Do you know without asking who your partner would vote for in the next election?

You're playing hide and seek and your partner is hiding. How hard is it to find them?

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