Quiz: How well do you know your Gilligan's Island guest celebs?
How well do you know your Gilligan's Island guest celebs?
By: Dyann Joyce
Image: CBS

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"Gilligan’s Island" was a television show that aired from 1964 until 1967. Besides the regular “seven stranded castaways," the show often featured celebrity guests that somehow managed to land on the island and get off again, always leaving the castaways behind. See how well you know the visitors to the island by taking our quiz!

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What was the name of the musical group that landed on the island to have some quiet time to practice, that had the castaways all abuzz?
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Which Hollywood actress played a wealthy socialite, Erika Tiffany Smith, who visited the island?
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What movie producer came to the island, played by Phil Silvers?
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What character with a rather unpleasant sounding name was portrayed by Tina Louise, who also played Ginger?
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Who was the rather filthy, lazy and confused pilot that yet again left the castaways behind?
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In an episode that may have paid homage to King Kong, what animal held Mrs. Howell captive because of her perfume?
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Which island visitor was unaware that WWII had ended?
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Which Latin American dictator was brought to the island on a small boat and thrown ashore in exile?
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Comedian Don Rickles played Norbert Wiley, who was what sort of character?
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Englishman Lord Beasley Waterford came to the island for what?
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Vito Scotti, who portrayed a Japanese sailor on the show, also appeared as a different character, Boris Balinkoff. Who was he?
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Kurt Russell even made an appearance on the island. What was his character?
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Actor Rory Calhoun landed on the island in a helicopter, as a big game hunter named Jonathan Kincaid. What prey did he decide to hunt?
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A muscle-bound Denny Miller played Duke Williams, who became stranded on the island by what means?
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Larry Storch, of "F Troop" fame, played what sort of character?
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Richard Kiel, who played Jaws in the James Bond movies, played what character on "Gilligan's Island"?
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In a few different episodes, the castaways had visitors from a nearby island. Why did the castaways nearly lose their heads over them?
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What visitor almost made Gilligan have to fight an island tribal warrior to the death?
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In one episode, two Russians visited the island. How did they get there?
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Gilligan saw his doppelganger on the island, but no one believed him and the castaways accused him of eating a pie. What really happened?
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Other than Ginger and Gilligan, who else had a doppelganger that came to the island?
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In one episode, the castaways noticed personal items missing and then witnessed strange behavior in each another. What was going on?
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A game show contestant was supposed to survive alone on this uncharted island to win $10,000. He was doing quite well, because he did what?
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When a native king from a nearby island came to Gilligan’s Island looking for a "White Goddess," whom did he pick?
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What famous cartoon voice actor of the time made an appearance on the show as a parrot?
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Who played the mad scientists' henchman, Igor, in the episode where the castaways were taken to the mad scientist’s castle on another island?
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Who played the character King Kaliwani in the episode where the native king tried to marry Gilligan?
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What was the sidekick's name in the episode where the big game hunter hunted Gilligan?
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In one episode, the castaways tried to use a robot to facilitate their rescue by having it walk to Hawaii. Who voiced the robot?
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In an episode where Gilligan dreamt he was Jack of "Jack and the Beanstalk," who was the tiny actor that ran around the Skipper as the giant?
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In one episode where they tried to marry Gilligan to a native girl, who played the native girl’s mother?
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The Mosquitoes were in real life the three-man band, The Wellingtons, which did the original theme song for "Gilligan’s Island." Who played The Mosquitoes' band member, Bingo?
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Who was the original Ginger in the pilot episode?
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Who played the native daughter that they were trying to marry off to Gilligan?
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