How well do you know your basic Italian phrases?

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Italian is a beautiful language, but how well do you know this very romantic Romance language? Test your Italian language skills with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

You say "Buon compleanno" to someone on their:

"Buon compleanno" is an Italian birthday greeting. Use it to make sure the Italian speakers in your life feel appreciated.

What does "Buongiorno!" mean?

"Buongiorno!" means good morning in Italian. It also means "Hello!"

What does "Arrivederci!" mean in Italian.

"Arrivederci!" means "Goodbye." It's a formal farewell.

"Ciao!" means what in Italian?

"Ciao!" is informal, best used between those you know well. It means both "Hello" and "Goodbye."

When you ask someone "Come si chiama?" what are you asking them?

This is the formal way of asking someone their name in Italian. The informal way is "Come ti chiami?"

What does "Per favore" mean?

This is one way to say "please" in Italian. "Per piacere" is another.

"Prego!" means what in Italian?

"Prego!" can mean several things in Italian. These meanings include "You're Welcome!" and "After you!"

You can use the phrase "Mi dispiace" to:

This is a common Italian phrase. It comes in handy for apologizing.

What does "Scusi, dov’è il bagno?" mean?

This is an important phrase to know how to say in any language. In Italian, you can begin politely with "scusi" which means "excuse me."

You yell "Emergenza!" when you need:

This translates to "Emergency!" It will indicate to Italian speakers that something urgent is going on.

You say "Ho bisogno di un medico" when you need:

This Italian phrase indicates that you need a doctor. It will help you get the care you need.

You ask "Dov’è l’ospedale?" when you are trying to get where?

This is how you ask where a hospital is in Italian. It's important to have on hand in case of an emergency.

What drink will be delivered to your table when you say "Un cappucccino, per favore"?

This will get you an Italian cappuccino. Coffee is massively important in Italy.

When you say "Quanto viene?" what are you asking?

At the end of a meal, you should ask your server this. It translates to "How much does it come to?"

"Mi chiamo…" means:

This is how you introduce yourself. For example, someone named Dan might say "Mi chiamo Dan."

"Quanto tempo!" means _________.

This is an important Italian phrase to have on hand. It's always good to have some small talk phrases down for basic conversation.

When you ask someone "Come sta?" what are you asking them?

This is the formal Italian way to ask how someone is. "Come stai" is the informal way.

What does "Di dove sei?" mean?

This is the informal way to ask someone where they are from in Italian. The formal way is "Di dov'è?"

"Piacere di conoscerti" means:

This is both polite and informal. The formal way to say this is "Piacere di conoscerla."

What does "capisco" mean?

Use this to let Italian speakers know that you're keeping up. If you don't understand, however, say "Non capisco."

"Magari" means:

When asked a question you can reply either "sį," "no" or "margari." Another way to say "maybe" is "forse."

What are you asking someone when you say "Parli inglese?"

This is the informal way to ask someone if they speak English. The formal way is "Parla inglese?"

What does "Parla italiano con me" mean?

If you are looking to practice, this will help get native speakers to speak to you in Italian. You can also say "Potete parlarmi in italiano."

What does "Scusi!" mean?

This is the formal way to say "Excuse me" in Italian. The informal way is "Scusa!"

"Grazie" means:

Keep this phrase on hand to be polite. You can also say "Molte grazie" or "Grazie mille."

When you say "Balliamo?" you are asking someone to:

This is an informal way to ask someone to dance with you. A formal way is "Vuole ballare con me?"

"Ti amo" means:

This is a romantic Italian phrase to keep on hand. It is very similar to the Spanish "Te amo."

What does "Lasciami in pace! Vattene!" mean in Italian?

This is an informal way to get someone to leave you alone. The formal version is "Mi lasci in pace! Se ne vada!"

"Buon Natale" is a greeting related to which holiday?

"Buon Natale" is how you wish someone a "Merry Christmas" in Italian. Happy Easter is "Buona Pasqua."

"Aiuto!" means:

This is one way to announce an emergency in Italian. If you need the police specifically say "Chiami la polizia!"

You say "Ferma!" to get someone to:

There are a few ways to say "Stop" in Italian. These include "Ferma," "Alt" and even "Stop."

What does "Quanto Costa?" mean?

When shopping and haggling it's always important to be able to ask how much something costs. This will get the job done in Italian.

What does "Non lo so" mean?

When learning a new language or traveling, it is not uncommon to come across new phrases and situations. Keep this one on hand.

When do Italians say "Salute!"?

This is a useful toast to have on hand. Another common Italian toast is "Cin cin!"

"In bocca al lupo!" is an Italian idiom meaning:

This phrase literally translates to "In the wolf's mouth." It means "Good luck!" however.

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