Quiz: How well do you know your baseball jargon?
How well do you know your baseball jargon?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

"Texas leaguer," "can of corn," "tools of ignorance" ... baseball generates slang like few other sports do. If you think you speak the lingo of the diamond, test your knowledge now with our quiz!

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Who "retires the side"?
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If the players are "clearing the benches," what are they getting ready to do?
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Which of these is NOT a slang term for the Major Leagues?
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Who/what makes a "bad hop"?
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What is the counterpart of the Cactus League?
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A hitter who frequently steps out of the batter's box is called what?
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Who is likely to do a "tomahawk chop"?
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