Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Auto Slang?
How Well Do You Know Your Auto Slang?
By: Annette
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You can drive like a demon, but if you can't talk the talk, you're not a gearhead. In this quiz, we're going to test your knowledge of the most important auto slang. It's time to sound like a mechanic.

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What is a drophead?
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What is the difference between the direction you steered and the direction in which your tires are going?
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What's the term that describes when the rear tires lose traction around a corner?
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Opposite lock is also known as what?
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Aftermarket parts are made by _____ .
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What restores a car's structural geometry to factory settings?
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The skeleton of your car is made of what?
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Lockup affects your _____.
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When your car naturally steers in one direction or another when you give it some juice, what is the term?
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Torque numbers are measured in which of these?
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The distribution of braking power is called _____.
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Breathing refers to _____.
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What is a cherry picker?
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What's the term for the dipping of the car's nose when braking?
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What's another term for a cutting torch?
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Hemispherical combustion chambers are also called what?
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Which of these is slang for a mechanic?
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A dynometer is also known by what other name?
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What do you call it when the fuel/air mixture randomly explodes?
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Purposely burning off impurities from new brake pads is known as what?
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The engine computer is the _____.
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Naturally aspirated refers to the _____.
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A supercharged engine does what?
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Applying a short stab of throttle is known as what?
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What is downshifting an automatic transmission by depressing​ the accelerator?
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An engine with a bore larger than the stroke is called what?
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What's a slang term for ball-joint separators?
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Which is a valve for controlling boost in a turbocharger?
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The art of the mechanic is also known as what?
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