Quiz: How Well do You Know Your '90s Trends and Fads?
How Well do You Know Your '90s Trends and Fads?
By: John Miller
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Do you still remember the most prevalent fads and trends of the 1990s? "No duh," you say? Then prove it. Go ahead and take our '90s fads and trends quiz now!

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What did many girls do to their hair in the '90s?
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What was name of the little beanbag toys that took the '90s by storm?
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Which product did famous boxer George Foreman endorse in the '90s?
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What was NOT a name of one of the original nine Beanie Babies?
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Why did some Beanie Babies become exorbitantly valuable?
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What was special about Generra Hypercolor clothing?
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This rubbery ball had stringy filaments that sprouted all over. What was it called?
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In the '90s, which hair trend made waves?
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What was the name of the owl-ish robotic toy that spoke weird gibberish?
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Which dance fad took over dance floors in the '90s?
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The _____ bracelet was a major hit in the '90s.
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What was the Tamagotchi?
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In the '90s, T-shirts from one company featured this phrase: "No _____."
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What did you do with "Lisa Frank" products in the '90s?
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What did you do with "Doc Martens"?
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Which recreational activity became exceedingly popular in the '90s?
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Which "Sesame Street" character became a major superstar in the '90s?
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For women, it was one of the most popular hair styles of the '90s. It was ____.
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Which '90s communications technology was a must-have item?
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What sort of pack became ultra-popular during the '90s?
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What iconic words did America Online (sometimes) utter when you logged on?
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What was the purpose of the Thighmaster?
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Which music trend was big in the '90s?
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What sort of Pepsi was a big deal in the '90s?
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Who made the "Gameboy"?
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