Quiz: How Well do You Know Your '90s Slang?
How Well do You Know Your '90s Slang?
By: John Miller
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"That's my name, don't wear it out!" The 1990s were a virtual goldmine for all manner of cultural catch phrases and lingo. How well do remember '90s slang?

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If something is super cool, it is _____
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What does it mean if someone says, "cool beans"?
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If someone is very long-winded in telling a story, you might repeat which word to describe them?
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If you had a moment of triumph in the '90s, which expression would you use?
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If someone comes to your party and then says that they have to "bounce," what does it mean?
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What does it mean if someone is "trippin'"?
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If someone says "whatever," what are they most likely expressing?
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If someone is "buggin'" they are _____.
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True or false, if something is "phat," is it good?
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What's a slang word for someone who is insignificant?
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If the cute boy you saw at the shopping mall is "all that and a bag of chips," what does it mean?
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What's a one-word acknowledgment that you understand?
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What's the most likely emotional state of someone who is "clownin'"?
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If something is "wicked," what is it?
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If you purposely misdirect or mislead someone, you'd immediately follow it up with which word?
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If you want to express something that is very unlikely to happen, you might say _____.
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If you don't have time for someone's inane or confrontational nonsense, you might say what?
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What does it mean if you ask, "what's the 4-1-1?"
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If you tell someone to "step off," what are you indicating?
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"All" can be used in place of which other common slang word?
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Why would you tell your mom to "take a chill pill"?
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If someone says something that is blatantly obvious, you might say what as a sarcastic response?
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If your friend is being "salty," how is she behaving?
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What trait does someone have if they are "fly"?
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Which word might you use if you see an attractive person?
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If something is very exciting, it is "off the _____."
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What does "hella" mean?
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When your buddy called you on the phone in the '90s, what did you say?
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If someone "goes postal," what are they doing?
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