Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your '60s Slang?
How Well Do You Know Your '60s Slang?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

Ready to get groovy? Then grab your bell bottoms and get ready to rock n' roll! The Swinging '60s were an innovative era, where youth culture was in and the old way of doing things was out. Hair got longer, skirts got shorter, and love got a whole lot freer. Between the London mods and the American hippies who overtook San Francisco, everything changed during this influential decade. British rock and roll music invaded America, America invaded Vietnam, and powerful social movements shook the world. Beatlemania swept the world and everyone was buying Led Zeppelin records.

Activists marched with Martin Luther King and burned their bras. American Vietnam War protesters stuck flowers in the guns of riot cops and even gathered to attempt to levitate the Pentagon with their minds in protest.

In the 1960s, LSD flowed freely and people genuinely believed that anything was possible. People attended Woodstock, practiced magic, and wore flowers in their hair. East-meets-West music influences overtook the ear, while colorful prints and patterns dominated fashion.

It's no surprise that along with all of these big shifts, the language changed a lot too. In fact, a lot of '60s slang is regularly used by people of all ages to this day. Are you a far-out cat who's with it? Grab your rosiest tinted sunglasses and see if you can talk your way through this groovy 1960s slang quiz!

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