Quiz: How well do you know "The Quiet Man?"
How well do you know "The Quiet Man?"
By: Susan McDonald
Image: tmdb

About This Quiz

Faith and begorrah! "The Quiet Man" is one of the most beloved movies about Ireland and its people. John Wayne's swagger, traditional Irish music, beautiful scenery -- what's not to love? Test your knowledge of the movie here.

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How does Sean Thornton arrive in Castletown?
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To what town does Sean move?
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From what American city does Sean move?
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What is Michaleen Flynn's mode of transportation?
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What is Mary Kate Danaher doing when Sean first sees her?
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What is the name of the cottage and farm Sean wants to buy?
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What traditional Irish song is playing in the pub the first time Sean visits there?
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What is the relationship between Will and Mary Kate?
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What does Mary Kate do after Sean kisses her for the first time?
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What role does Michaleen play in the village?
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During the race, whose bonnet does Sean take?
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What was Sean's nickname during his boxing career?
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What part of the dowry does Will give Mary Kate first?
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When Will finally gives him Mary Kate's money, what does Sean do with it?
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What does Michaleen do during the fight between Sean and Will?
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