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The Potters are one of the most famous wizarding families. Although it has been said that they just skated through their existence, for the most part, during each generation, Harry Potter thrust this family into the spotlight, although he really had no say in the matter. Since then, true fans have been scrambling to get their hands on any and all information that could clue them into how this family came to be, and what is their connection to the Deathly Hallows. 

So, fans have been doing their research. And more than a few facts about this loveable magic family have been uncovered. Did you know that there were more than two Harrys? That Harry is not the only Muggle-lover in his family? That the Potters were always wealthy? That James Potter was very spoiled? And that Voldemort is related to the Potters? If you know these things, that's all well and good, but can you tell us why? If you think you can, then this is definitely the quiz for you. 

Find out how much you really know about the Potter family in this quiz. 

What did James Potter call himself and his band of friends?

James and his friends, Sirius, Remus, ​and Peter, were the four friends responsible for creating the infamous Marauder's Map- a piece of parchment that allows one to see everyone in Hogwarts, where they are and probably what they're doing.


How many children did Harry and Ginny have?

After Harry and Ginny got married, the couple had three children; two boys and one girl. The girl would be named after Harry's mother, Lily, and close friend, Luna. And the two boys would be named after a combination of Harry's dad and godfather and Professor Dumbledore and Snape.


Which Hogwarts house were all, if not most Potters sorted into?

Historically, most, if not all, Potters have been sorted into Gryffindor. If you count the Cursed Child, Harry's second son, Albus, was sorted into Slytherin. But if we only refer to J K Rowling's original books, all Potters would have been sorted into Gryffindor.


Who was the first known half-blood Potter (by birth)?

The Potters were members of the Sacred Twenty Eight- a group of pure-blood​ wizarding families in Great Britain. Although they were expelled from the group, the family remained pure blooded until Harry Potter was born.


Which Peverell brother is an​ antecedent of Harry?

Ignotus is the youngest of the Peverell brothers- the three men who were rumored to be the first holders of the Deathly Hallows. Ignotus' granddaughter eventually married a Potter and the two lines were joined.


Which of the Marauders did Fleamont and Euphemia take in as a second son?

Sirius' family was disappointed in him because he was sorted into Gryffindor. By the time he was 16, they had completely disowned him and he left the house. James' parents, Fleamont and Euphemia,​ happily took him in and treated him like a second son. He stayed with them for a year until he bought his own apartment with money he had received from an uncle.


Why was James Potter spoiled?

James Potter was considered to be a miracle baby to his parents who had long given up on having a child. Being born to somewhat elderly parents, he was heavily doted upon and spoiled by Fleamont and Euphemia. Thus, he was an arrogant young boy, although still a good person.


Which other Potter was also called "Harry"?

Similarly to how Prince Harry's actual name is Henry but is called Harry, so was the same with Harry Potter's great-grandfather, Henry. He was a politician who advocated for Muggles during first world war.


When was Harry's birthday?

As the prophecy said, Voldemort's greatest would be a boy who was "born as the seventh month dies." Of course, this could have also referred to Neville, whose birthday was July 30th, but Voldemort chose Harry.


What position did James play on the Quidditch team?

J.K. Rowling herself has revealed that James, was, in fact, a Chaser. The reason people think he is a Seeker could have two explanations. One, that WB made the decision to make him a Seeker to comfort Harry in the Sorcerer's Stone or two, James, like Ginny, could have played multiple roles on the team.


What was Lily's surname before she became a Potter?

Before Lily and James wed, her surname was Evans- the same as that of her disgusting sister, Petunia.


If Voldemort had to be related to a Peverell, and thus, the Potters, which one would it be?

One will remember that the Deathly Hallows did become heirlooms, all except the Elder Wand. Cadmus Peverell, the brother who had the resurrection stone, fathered an heir before committing suicide- a line that would soon have ties with the Gaunt family, ie. Voldemort's mother's side.


Which of these items did the Potters pass down from son to son?

This tradition did not actually begin with the Potters. It was Iolanthe, the granddaughter of one of the original Peverell brothers, who wanted to pass it down to her son. Because her father had no male heir, she was the cloak's recipient.


Who was the first male Potter to have a stag as a Patronus?

Not much is known about the Patronuses of the Potter family before James. Therefore he is the first known Potter male to have a stag as a Patronus; Harry would be the second.


What kind of wand did Harry have?

The first wand, which Harry got from Ollivander as an 11-year-old, was the brother of Voldemort's. It was an eleven-inch-long holly want which had a phoenix feather core. Coincidentally, the phoenix this feather came from was Dumbledore's.


Which of Harry's relatives created the famous Skele-Gro potion- the same Harry would one day need to use?

Linfred, the founder of the Potters, used his remedies to help those in his village. One of his creations was the famous Skele-Gro potion- the one Harry had to use in the Chamber of Secrets to regrow his bones.


On what day were James and Lily Potter killed?

James and Lily Potter were killed by Lord Voldemort on Halloween night 1981. He broke into their house in Godric's Hollow where he murdered James first, then Lily.


Which of these Potter couples had trouble conceiving a child?

Fleamont and Euphemia met sometime after his graduation. Although the couple was successful financially, they had problems conceiving. After giving up hope, the two were surprised to find out that Euphemia was pregnant. Because James was born so late in the couples' lives, he was an only child.


What subject did James Potter excel?

James Potter, along with Sirius and Peter Pettigrew, had to have been ridiculously good at Transfiguration to have become Animagi by the age of 15. They did it to help Remus out during his werewolf transformations, without getting hurt.


Which of these positions did James Potter hold?

Despite James' many detentions and his habit for hexing his fellow students in the corridors, he went on to become the Gryffindor Head Boy.


Which of the Deathly Hallows was a Potter family heirloom?

In the first Harry Potter book and movie, we saw that Harry had received the Invisibility Cloak as a Christmas gift of Dumbledore from Harry's father, James. We would later find out that it was, in fact, one of the three Deathly Hallows.


During which wizarding war were Lily and James married?

James and Lily were said to have been married very soon after they both left Hogwarts. The wedding was kept quiet because it was around the time that the first wizarding war was taking place.


Which of Harry's relatives died of dragon pox?

Harry Potter's grandfather, Fleamont, and his wife, Euphemia, were successful business owners. However, they both died within days of each other, from dragon pox, and never got to meet Harry.


How did Fleamont Potter become a great duelist?

Fleamont Potter was so named because his paternal grandmother didn't want her surname to die out. To keep a promise to his dead mother, Henry, his father, named his son Fleamont. Because of this very strange name, he was often teased and thus, became a great duelist to protect himself.


Which wizard story/fairytale is the one which talks about the Peverells?

The Tale of the Three Brothers is really where Harry's tale begins, although we only get to find out about in it the end. It tells us how the Deathly Hallows came to be.


Of what powerful organization was Henry Potter a member?

Henry Potter was a prominent member of the Wizengamot, the wizarding court of law. He served for almost 10 years, from 1913 to 1921. Henry was also James' grandfather.


Which Potter invented Sleakeazy's Hair Potion?

After Fleamont Potter graduated from Hogwarts, he developed Sleekeazy's Hair Potion, a haircare treatment that helped tame all hair types- except that of redheads. The already wealthy Potter family's gold was quadrupled.


What was Ginny Potter's job before she went to work for the Daily Prophet?

Before Ginny worked as a senior Quidditch correspondent for the Daily Prophet, she actually played the sport. She was part of the Holyhead Harpies where she was a Chaser.


Which member of the Potter family was responsible for bringing one of the Deathly Hallows into the fold?

Hardwin Potter married Iolanthe Peverell, the granddaughter of Ignotus Peverell, who was the original recipient of the Invisibility Cloak. Because Ignotus' son had no sons, the cloak was given to his daughter and was then passed down to every first Potter son since then.


Which Potter, besides Henry, was also a member of the Wizengamot?

Ralston Potter was a member of the Wizengamot for just about 40 years in the 17th century. Unlike his peers, he had more lax views on Muggle, choosing to not go to war with them, supporting the International Statute of Wizarding Secrecy instead.


What was Harry's best subject?

One must remember that after Harry left Hogwarts, he became an Auror. To have this career, one must have been exceptional at Defense Against the Dark Arts-along with Transfiguration and Charms.


Which Potter was one of the original 12 Aurors of the United States?

Abraham Potter was a distant relative of Harry Potter. He was an American wizard who is believed to have attended Ilvermorny. He is one of the 12 original Aurors of the United States.


Which of these women was Sirius' great- aunt and also a Potter?

Dorea Black Potter was a witch who was sorted into Slytherin house and eventually ended up marrying Charlus Potter. Because they were not included in the Potter family tree, it is believed that he was a distant relative.


Which man was responsible for "creating" the Potters?

Linfred of Stinchcombe was a 12th-century wizard who would help his Muggle neighbors, who, of course, had no idea he had magical powers. He was seen as a lovable man who would "potter" around with his funny plants and was thus given the nickname Potterer. The name was eventually changed to "Potter" from which Harry and his family were descended.


Why were the Potters excluded from the Sacred Twenty Eight?

Henry Potter, a member of the Wizengamot, spoke out against the then-Minister of Magic for not providing assistance to Muggles during the first world war. His pro-Muggle thoughts and ideas are one of the main reasons why the Potters were excluded from the Sacred Twenty-Eight, a directory of 28 pureblood​ British wizarding families.


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