Quiz: How well do you know "The Pianist?" Take this quiz to find out.
How well do you know "The Pianist?" Take this quiz to find out.
By: Olivia Cantor

About This Quiz

"The Pianist" is an award-winning 2002 bio flick of a real-life artist who miraculously survived the Holocaust. While it’s a heart-wrenching tale of survival, it’s also a good story to tell us how the human spirit triumphs over adversities. Test your knowledge of the movie with this quiz.

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The film’s story opens in Poland during 1939. In which city is the film set?
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The film centers on the life of acclaimed Polish-Jewish pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman. Which American actor portrayed him?
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In the film’s opening sequences, Szpilman is shown performing live. Over which medium was the performance being broadcast.
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As the Polish people listened to news of an impending war reaching their country, some parts of Europe were already in this war.
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Szpilman’s piano-playing over Polish radio was suddenly interrupted by this war-related action.
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Which two prominent European countries finally declared war on Nazi Germany?
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Szpilman’s family was preparing for sudden evacuation. They panicked when discussing where to hide these specific valuables.
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The Nazi-felt segregation of the looming war was first felt by Wladyslaw Szpilman when he went to a lunch date with a woman. What happened in the restaurant?
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European victory was short-lived, and the Nazis soon controlled part of Poland, where Szpilman lived. What were the Polish people made to wear?
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Eventually, all Jews were made to transfer under a Nazi-controlled area known as the Warsaw Ghetto, bringing with them only some of their belongings. Which prized possession did the Szpilmans sell during this time?
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In order to make some money, Wladyslaw and his bother started selling these on the streets.
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A friend of the Szpilman family, also a Jew, came to their house and tried to do this.
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Amidst the changing landscape in the cramped and walled Warsaw Ghetto, Szpilman secured another kind of employment related to his field of expertise. What was this job?
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Szpilman started helping an anti-Nazi resistance when he visited a friend in this kind of place.
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Atrocities were getting to be daily occurrences in the ghetto. It didn’t hit the Szpilmans until this event happened.
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News of getting booted out of the ghetto reached the Szpilmans so they tried to secure their father with this.
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One day, most of the Jews were hauled to wait for loading on freight trains. As they waited for boarding, Wladyslaw’s brother read a timely excerpt from the book, "The Merchant of Venice." Who wrote that material?
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As the Jewish families were lined up and loaded into the freight train carts, what happened to Wladyslaw?
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Inside the ghetto, Szpilman got another decent job in this industry.
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Living alone and without his family, Szpilman was one of the 60,000 Jews left in the ghetto. How many were estimated to be there originally?
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As part of his survival, Szpilman continued to help the resistance. What did he do?
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Szpilman ran into a non-Jewish couple who were his good friends before the war. They helped him by taking him to their home, where he took a very long one of these.
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Szpilman’s friends got him a secret hiding place near the ghetto wall, but on the other side of the Jewish walls. What kind of hiding place was this?
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Once in his fully-furnished apartment, Szpilman was relieved when sitting on one of these.
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Szpilman was able to witness the resistance, but from the other side of the wall. What was it that his friend theorized the Nazis did not see happening?
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Bad news came to Szpilman when his friend came back to the apartment and told him that his wife was picked up by the Gestapo. What is the Gestapo?
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His friend advised Szpilman to not allow himself to be captured alive by the Nazis. He had devised a way of avoiding capture. What was it?
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Szpilman reached out to his friend’s friend, who also helped him hide. He was locked inside an apartment, which had this musical instrument inside.
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Since Szpilman was moved to another apartment in a very German area, he could only do this with the piano.
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One of his visitors inside the new hiding place is a former co-worker of sorts. Who was he?
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Since Szpilman’s protectors didn’t bring food for a long time to his hiding place, he got sick and had this.
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Szpilman’s protectors soon rushed to him, saying that everyone had to vacate the building for fear of impending bombings. Why did the radio technician stop visiting him with food supplies?
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When the Germans started bombing part of the city where Szpilman was hiding, he made it out of the building in time, and crossed the street to head for this other building. Which building was this?
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Szpilman ended up loitering alone among the city ruins, where he chanced upon some food in a can inside a nearly destroyed house. In his search for a can opener, he also found one of these roaming around.
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After all of his World War II hardships, where did Wladyslaw Szpilman die?
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