Quiz: How well do you know the Jewish faith?
How well do you know the Jewish faith?
By: Torrance Grey
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Does a girl have a bar mitzvah? Is 'Hasidic' just another word for Orthodox? Delve into the traditions and terminology of this ancient, yet still vital, faith with our quiz!

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The High Holy Days begin with Rosh Hashanah and end with ____________.
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One of the most important symbols of Rosh Hashanah is the shofar. What is a shofar?
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Which of these is part of a traditional Yom Kippur meal?
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Which of these is NOT one of the three patriarchs?
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Which holiday celebrates the actions of people called the Maccabees?
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Is Hanukkah considered to be a major or a minor holiday?
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Does a girl have a bar mitzvah?
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Jews descended from Southern European or Near East ancestors are known as ________.
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The word "Yiddish" refers to a ...
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Which of these is not a major branch of Judaism?
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What does a Jewish groom step on at a wedding?
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A seder is the meal eaten on ___________.
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Which of these is a word for the first five books of the Bible?
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Pesach is the formal name for which holiday?
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If someone gives you "gelt," is this a good thing?
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In which festival is drinking -- frankly, becoming inebriated -- encouraged?
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Jews perform shiva after what event?
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If you are davening, what are you doing?
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If someone calls you a "maven," is this a compliment?
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Is "Hasidic" a synonym for "Orthodox"?
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Broadly speaking, a mitzah is a/an __________.
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Does the word "kosher" only apply to food?
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What is a mikvah?
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A megillah is best defined as a ________.
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What is the name for a humanoid figure created by a learned man to do his bidding?
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What is the name of the Jewish mystic tradition that has captivated celebrities like Madonna?
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The best translation of "Torah" is _______.
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Which book of the Bible does not mention God?
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Which of these is NOT a book of the Hebrew Bible?
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Is Lilith in the Bible?
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The oral teachings that interpret the Torah are called the _________.
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