Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Figures in the Old Testament?
How Well Do You Know the Figures in the Old Testament?
By: Becky Stigall
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From Adam and Eve to Moses and Noah, the Old Testament is full of stories about people, rich with meaning and history. We challenge you to name them all!

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Who created everything?
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Who is considered the patriarch of the Hebrew people?
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Who led the people of Israel out of Egypt?
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Who was the King of Israel?
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Who stole his brother's inheritance?
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Who was sold into slavery by his brothers?
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Who was Israel's first King?
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Who asked for wisdom from God?
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Who ate the forbidden fruit?
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Who built a big boat in preparation for a flood?
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Who did God instruct to kill his own son?
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Which of Moses' brothers helped him lead the people of Israel out of Egypt?
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What was the name of the son God instructed Abraham to kill?
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Who fought to settle the Promised Land?
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Who had a relationship with Delilah?
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Who was Israel's last judge?
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Who wanted to overthrow his father's throne?
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Who was the commander of King David's army?
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What wicked queen promoted the worship of Baal?
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Who became the queen of Persia?
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Who was the main example of the struggle between good and evil?
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Who murdered Abel?
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Who was married to Jezebel?
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Who was the first human?
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Who was encouraged to curse the wandering Israelites?
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Who was Ruth's husband?
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Who was the first king of the Persian Empire?
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What king of Israel ruled for 40 years?
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Who was transported by a chariot of fire?
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Who was Cain's oldest son?
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Who was Jacob's twin brother?
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Who was made from one of Adam's ribs?
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Who was imprisoned by King Nebuchadnezzar?
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Who served as a judge for 40 years?
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Who was Noah's youngest son?
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