Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Figures in the New Testament?
How Well Do You Know the Figures in the New Testament?
By: Becky Stigall
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From the miracles of Jesus to the devotion of his disciples, the figures of the New Testament play a role in many of the world's religions. Can you name them all?

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Jesus of ________ is the central figure of the New Testament.
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Paul of ______ spread the word of Christianity.
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Who was Jesus' first disciple?
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John the _______ fortold of Jesus' arrival.
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What follower of Jesus was one of the first to discover that his body was not in his tomb?
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Prefect __________ governed Judea for the Roman Empire.
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Who was a patron of Jesus' mission?
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Who betrayed Jesus?
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Who spoke against the temple and Jewish leadership?
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Philippians was coauthored by Paul and _______.
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What virgin was impregnated by the Holy Spirit?
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Who was Mary's husband and Jesus' father?
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Who is said to be the author of the Acts of the Apostles?
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Who presided over Jesus' trial?
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Who was the King of Judea from 37 to 4 B.C.?
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What fisherman was an early disciple of Jesus?
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Who prophesied the apostle Paul would be arrested in Jerusalem?
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Who was supposed to be crucified with Jesus?
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Who was the first gentile to become a Christian?
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Who did Peter bring back from the dead?
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Who was the mother of John the Baptist?
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Paul brought _________ back from the dead.
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Who imprisoned Paul for two years?
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Herod _______ was Herod the Great's son.
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Who did Jesus resurrect?
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Who was known as a "seller of purple"?
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Who helped Joseph of Arimathea wrap Jesus' body after his death?
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Who was renamed Paul after he was converted on a trip to Damascus?
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Who was forced to help Jesus carry his cross?
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Who refused to believe that Jesus had arisen from the dead?
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Who was a tax collector?
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Ananias and ________ lied about donating money to the church.
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What high priest ruled longer than any other priest in the New Testament?
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Who opposed the death of Jesus' apostles?
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Who wrote the book of Revelation?
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