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There is no shortage of family connections and struggles in the Bible. How well do you know the family trees of the most influential figures? Find out now with this quiz that's all about family!

Who is considered the father and creator of us all?

Jesus, God's son, is considered to be God's earthly form.

Who is the Son of God?

Jesus was conceived through Immaculate Conception, which was a union between God and Mary.

Who is the mother of Jesus?

Mary become pregnant with Jesus through Immaculate Conception, as she was a virgin at the time of her pregnancy.

Who was Mary's husband?

Mary's pregnancy was the result of a union with God. Before he found out the truth, Joseph thought Mary had cheated on him.

Who was the non-biological father of Jesus?

Though he was not Jesus' blood father, Joseph still took care of his non-biological son and had a great influence on his life.

Who is considered a sibling of Jesus, according to the New Testament?

Jesus was the fourth. There has been much debate about the exact relationship these men have to Jesus, as well as two potential sisters who are unnamed in scriptures.

Who is Jesus' son?

There is no evidence to suggest Jesus had any children or was ever married.

Who was Adam's wife?

God created Eve from the rib of Adam to be his helpmate.

Who was a son of Adam and Eve?

Cain was one of three sons of Adam and Eve, and he was responsible for killing one of his brothers.

Which son of Adam and Eve was murdered by his brother Cain?

Because God favored Abel's offering over Cain's, the older brother became jealous and killed his younger sibling.

Who was the third, less famous son of Adam and Eve?

Seth was born after the death of Abel. Eve believed he was God's replacement for her son.

How many daughters did Adam and Eve have?

Their three well-known children were Cain, Abel and Seth. Many scholars assert that the couple went on to have more children, including daughters.

Who was the father of Abraham?

Terah also had two sons named Haran and Nahor.

Which son of Abraham was nearly sacrificed to God?

In order to show his faith, God asked Abraham to sacrifice his son. God ultimately stopped Abraham before he killed Isaac.

Who was the wife of Abraham?

Sarah was so beautiful that Abraham feared the Egyptians would take her away from him. So, he told her to pretend she was his sister.

What was the name of Abraham's other son, besides Isaac?

Ishmael and Isaac had different mothers, but both shared the same father, Abraham.

Who was the mother of Abraham's son Isaac?

Sarah was in her 90s when she gave birth to Isaac. Ishmael was born before Isaac.

Who was the mother of Abraham's son Ishmael?

Because she was unable to have children at first, Sarah sent her slave Hagar to have a baby with Abraham.

Who was Isaac's wife?

Rebekah was also Isaac's cousin. She was the niece of Abraham.

Who was the son of Isaac and Rebekah?

Esau and Jacob were twin brothers. Isaac favored Esau, while Rebekah favored Jacob.

Who is the father of the Jewish nation?

Abraham was given a mission by God to be the father of a nation.

Who is the father of Joseph, who gave him the coat of many colors?

Jacob, also known as Israel, gave Joseph the multicolored coat, but the gesture also made Joseph's brothers jealous.

Who is the father of the 12 tribes of Israel?

Jacob, who stole his brother Esau's birthright with the help of his mother, had 12 sons.

King Solomon was the son of which king of Israel?

David is perhaps more well known for his defeat of Goliath, with the help of his sling.

David had an affair with which woman, that resulted in the birth of their son?

To cover up their affair, David sent Bathsheba's husband to war, where he later died.

What is the name of Moses' mother, who sent him down the river as a baby to save his life?

After the pharaoh ordered all newly-born baby Hebrew boys to be killed, Jochebed sent Moses down the river to be saved. He was retrieved by the pharaoh's daughter.

Who was Moses' brother?

Aaron was the name of Moses' brother. He later became the first high priest of Israel.

Who was Moses' sister?

Miriam was the older sister of Moses, who also kept lookout while Jochebed sent baby Moses on his journey.

Jacob agreed to work for seven years in exchange for which woman's hand in marriage?

After his seven years of work, Jacob was tricked into marrying Rachel's sister. He agreed to work another seven years in order to marry Rachel.

Who was Rachel's sister and the first wife of Jacob?

Jacob was tricked by Laban, who wanted his older daughter, Leah, to get married first.

Which man's mother was told by God not to cut her son's hair?

Samson's mother was also instructed to not let her son "drink wine or strong drink as long as he lives."

Who was a cousin of Mary?

The birth of Elizabeth's son was foretold by the archangel Gabriel, who came to Zechariah, Elisabeth's husband.

Who did Elizabeth give birth to?

John later became known as John the Baptist, who also baptized Jesus.

David married the daughter of what king?

After taking his throne, David ended up marrying Saul's daughter.

What son of king Saul saved David's life?

King Saul became obsessed with killing David, who was protected by Jonathon.

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