Quiz: How Well Do You Know "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?
How Well Do You Know "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"?
By: R. White

About This Quiz

Randle McMurphy turns a mental hospital upside down in his mission to one-up Nurse Ratched. Insanity touches everyone. How well do you remember "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"? Take the quiz and find out!

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Who is the first patient McMurphy talks to upon his arrival to the mental hospital?
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What is the signal that it's time for patients to take their medicine?
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When McMurphy first sees Chief he says, "....you're as big as _______________________."
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What characterizes the patient, Billy?
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When Randle Patrick McMurphy shows up at the mental institute, what does he bring with him that engages the patients?
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McMurphy challenges with, "Give me one week and I can_______________________________."
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Whose vote gives McMurphy the majority vote to watch the ball game?
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What is Nurse Ratched's first name?
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What is the name of the woman McMurphy picks up when he hijacks a school bus with the patients?
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McMurphy hijacks a charter boat to take the guys fishing. Who does he put in charge of steering?
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Another mental evaluation of McMurphy finds mixed conclusions. What does Nurse Ratched say?
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In a group therapy session, it is discovered some patients are there voluntarily. Who can leave at any time?
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Cheswick has a meltdown in a therapy session over what?
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What does McMurphy act out to bother Nurse Ratched?
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What are the first words Chief utters?
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Where does McMurphy suggest he and Chief go?
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Before he gets his first dose of shock therapy, what does McMurphy say to the doctors?
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"Who said, "They worked on him...the way they're working on you"?
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What holiday is the backdrop for McMurphy's party with booze and women?
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What song is sung over the loud speaker during the patients' party?
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Who slow dances with Candy?
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When McMurphy invites Billy to leave the institute with him, what does Billy say?
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There are rumors about McMurphy. Which is NOT said of him?
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What state was the setting for the story?
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When McMurphy is brought to bed at night, what does Chief say to him?
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