Quiz: How Well Do You Know Old West Lingo?
How Well Do You Know Old West Lingo?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: Paramount Pictures

About This Quiz

Think your Old West slang is in apple pie order? The era of the American West was far bigger than many people realize. Lasting roughly from the early 1800s to the admission of the last mainland states into the union in 1912, there was over a century of the wild, wild west as America expanded. This land generally includes almost all land west of the Mississippi River. It was a massive expansion led by hard-working people on the frontier who weren't afraid of living rough. 

The guns, aesthetic, hard living and pioneering spirit have made this era a popular one for historians, artists, filmmakers, and everyday people around the world to explore. There are few images as massively iconic as that of the American cowboy. While often pictured as a lone American man wandering the plains on horseback, cowboys often actually worked in large groups to keep the danger of life out in the wild at bay. They had to cope with unforgiving weather, wolves, Native American tribes and the West's infamous outlaws day in and day out.   

If you know your Old West slang, let her rip and see if you can get daisy results on this quiz! 

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