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"Seinfeld" is a groundbreaking '90s sitcom that changed television forever. Test how much you know about the show about nothing with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

In "The Opposite," how does George become successful?

In this season 5 episode, Jerry convinces George to do the opposite of whatever his initial instincts are because he always gets in his own way when it comes to success. By doing this, George lands a girlfriend and a job with the New York Yankees.

Which of the gang purposefully antagonizes "The Soup Nazi" in this famous episode?

Despite knowing how temperamental The Soup Nazi is, Elaine bangs on his counter and is rude to him. Because of this, he bans her from his store for one year.

In "The Yada Yada," who does Jerry become convinced converted to Judaism just for the jokes?

In this season 8 episode, Jerry becomes convinced that his dentist Dr. Tim Whatley, played by Bryan Cranston, converted to Judaism just so he can tell jokes. Kramer accuses Jerry of being an anti-dentite.

Why does Elaine test positive for opium in "The Showerhead"?

In this season 7 episode, Elaine is barred from a work trip to Africa when she tests positive for opium in a drug test. It turns out that this occurred because she ate a poppyseed bagel before the test.

Which character adopts a stretch of highway in "The Pothole"?

In this season 8 episode, Kramer adopts a stretch of highway. He decides to upkeep it himself, rather than paying for maintenance workers, which ends in disaster.

Kramer accidentally __________ himself in "The Butter Shave."

In the season 9 episode "The Butter Shave," Kramer replaces a lot of his personal hygiene products with butter and accidentally cooks himself after falling asleep while sunbathing on the roof. Newman tries to eat him.

Why do George, Jerry, Elaine and Kramer go to The Hamptons in the episode "The Hamptons"?

At their friend Carol's insistence that, "You have to see the bayyyybeeee," the friends head to visit her, her husband and their new baby in The Hamptons. Unfortunately, they find the baby horribly ugly.

In "The Alternate Side" Kramer gets a job as an extra in which famous director's film?

In this season 3 episode, Kramer gets a gig as an extra on the set of a Woody Allen movie. His famous line is "These pretzels are making me thirsty."

What does Jerry do to try and please his girlfriend in "The Muffin Tops"?

In this season 8 episode, Jerry shaves his chest after his current girlfriend expresses enthusiasm for a hairless dog. This ends in a "Wolfman" parody of him howling at the moon.

In the famous episode "The Bubble Boy," it turns out that the Bubble Boy is actually:

This classic 4 episode puts a twist on the idea of the "Bubble Boy," when the gang finds out he is actually an adult man with a horrible personality. Susan pops his bubble.

George begins a fake __________ in "The Strike."

In this season 9 episode, George makes up a fake charity to donate to, after being annoyed when someone donates money in his name to charity as a holiday present. The charity is called "The Human Fund."

Kramer and Newman want to bring this to Michigan for money in "The Bottle Deposit."

In one of their most famous money-making schemes, Kramer and Newman decide to haul a truck of bottles and cans to Michigan to get the 10 cent refund. This season 7 episode is a two-parter.

In "The Chinese Restaurant," do the friends ever get seated at a table?

In this rare real-time "Seinfeld" episode, George, Elaine and Jerry wait for a table at a Chinese restaurant. In this classic season 2 episode, the trio never get seated.

In "The Comeback," George becomes obsessed with delivering which insult to an ex-coworker?

In this season 8 episode, one of George's Yankees co-workers mocks him for eating all of the shrimp at a meeting by saying "Hey George, the ocean called; they're running out of shrimp." George becomes obsessed with delivering his jerk store comeback after his co-worker leaves for a new job.

Kramer pitches a _________-scented cologne to Calvin Klein in "The Pez Dispenser."

In this season 3 episode, Kramer's goal is to create a cologne which captures the "essence" of the smell when you first come home from the beach. His idea is stolen by Calvin Klein after he pitches it.

What did Jerry and his girlfriend in "The Hamptons" get caught doing during "Schindler's List" in a theater?

Jerry has many girlfriends throughout the show, some who only appear in one episode. Rachel, who he got caught canoodling with in a theater during "Schindler's List," appears in "The Hamptons" and a few other episodes.

In "The Comeback," Elaine discovers that her mysterious video rental store crush is actually a:

In "The Comeback," Elaine falls for video rental store employee Vincent based on his artistic staff picks. She later discovers that he is actually a 15-year-old boy.

What country to Jerry, George and Elaine travel to for a wedding in "The Betrayal"?

This season 9 episode is also known as "The Backwards Episode," because its scenes are arranged backward. In it, the trio travel to India for the wedding of Sue Ellen Mischke, the braless O'Henry candy-bar fortune heiress.

Elaine makes a new group of friends in which episode?

In this season 8 episode, Elaine meets a new group of friends who appear to be the polar opposites of George, Jerry and Kramer. For example, while the new George resembles George, he generously always picks up the check in restaurants.

What holiday does George's father celebrate in "The Strike"?

Frank Costanza invented a holiday called Festivus in response to the sentimentality, commercialism and religious nature of Christmas. It involves the "airing of grievances" and "feats of strength," and an aluminum pole instead of a Christmas tree.

What is Kramer's coffee table book about in "The Opposite?"

In this season 5 episode, Kramer appears on "Regis and Kathy Lee" to promote his coffee table book about coffee tables. He ends up spitting coffee all over Kathy Lee Gifford.

Where does Jerry end up wearing the famous puffy shirt on the episode "The Puffy Shirt"?

Thanks to being unable to hear the suggestions of a low-talker, Jerry ends up wearing a terrible puffy shirt on "The Today Show." This was episode 2 of season 5.

In which of these episodes does Kramer not appear?

This famous episode aired on May 23, 1991. In it, Jerry, George and Elaine spend the entire episode waiting for a table at a Chinese restaurant.

What problem plagues Elaine in her and Mr. Lippman's muffin top business?

In the season 8 episode "The Muffin Tops," Elaine and her old boss Mr. Lippman decide that muffin tops are the best part of the muffin and all they want to sell. Unfortunately, this leaves them with countless extra muffin stumps that they can't get rid of.

In the famous episode, "The Opera" Crazy Joe Davola is out to _________ Jerry.

In this episode, Joe Davola wants to get revenge on Jerry for ruining his NBC deal by murdering him. While dating Elaine, he also tries to trap her in his apartment.

In "The Butter Shave," what does George pretend to be at work?

In this season 9 episode, George pretends to be disabled at his new job. This is so he can use a private bathroom and receive other special treatment.

Elaine gets stuck on the subway on the way to what kind of wedding in "The Subway"?

In this season 3 episode, the friends all have separate adventures while riding the subway. Elaine gets stuck on the subway on her way to a lesbian wedding where she is part of the wedding party.

In "The Chicken Roaster," Jerry moves into _______'s apartment.

Jerry ends up moving into Kramer's apartment after the neon sign of a Kenny Rogers Roasters chicken restaurant makes it a terrible color inside his place. He starts acting a lot like Kramer.

George works as what kind of model in "The Puffy Shirt?"

In this season 5 episode, George is down on his luck and living with his parents, until he meets a woman who hires him as a hand model. Unfortunately, this career is short-lived.

What doesn't Jerry like about his date in the "Bizarro Jerry"?

In this season 8 episode, Jerry is disturbed by how masculine his date's hands are. This episode is also known as the "man hands" episode.

What show does Kramer turn his apartment into the set of in one season 9 episode?

In the episode "The Merv Griffin Show," Kramer turns his apartment into the set of the show after finding a bunch of its furniture in a dumpster. He then assumes the role of Merv Griffin, bringing confused guests onto his camera-less set.

George spends an entire season 5 episode pretending to be a member of which profession to impress a date?

In "The Marine Biologist," George delivers a lengthy fake monologue about saving a beached whale to a woman he was on a date with, after spending their entire date pretending to be a marine biologist. At the end of their date, they actually encounter a distressed whale on the beach, which puts George in an awkward position.

Which of the gang is friends with The Soup Nazi?

Kramer is friends with a number of odd characters throughout the series, including The Soup Nazi. Unforgiving of everyone else, he has a soft spot for Kramer, to whom he accidentally gifts an armoire full of his secret soup recipes.

In "The Yada Yada," whose girlfriend turns out to be a criminal?

In this season 8 episode, George is initially delighted to date a woman who "yada yada's" over all of the boring details of her stories. By the end of the episode, it turns out that what she is actually glossing over is the crimes she has committed.

In "The Bizarro Jerry," what does Jerry's polar opposite like to do in his spare time?

Bizarro Jerry is a very wholesome guy. He enjoys volunteering and reading at the library in his spare time.

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