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Where there are problems, there is conflict. Some conflicts are easy to solve, while others can last for days, months or even years! In the Bible, there is a good mix of all of them. Whether it's a fight between tribes, individuals or groups, this quiz will test you on them all!

You'll need to know more than just the fights to ace this one! Can you name the books that some fights are mentioned in? Do you know the key figures of each of the conflicts, and what they did? Do you know how each conflict was started, and how it ended? Too easy? Name the area in which they took place!

Do you remember the War in Heaven or the Battle of Aphek? Do you know about the conflict in the city of Jericho? What do you know about the Battle of Ephraim's Wood? How many battles from the Bible can you name? 

There's a lot that can be learned from the Bible, and learning from the conflicts that were faced by the characters is no exception. If you're an expert on the greatest story ever told, this quiz is just for you. Dive into Biblical battles and try your hand at this quiz!

Who marched on the city of Jericho?

Joshua marched on Jericho which started the infamous Battle of Jericho. It was fought between the Israelites and the Canaanites​ and led to the death of all Canaanites except one, who had helped the Israelites to conduct their spying.


Which conflict took place in the Book of Judges?

The Battle of Gibeah was fought between the Tribes of Israel and the Tribe of Benjamin. The battle got its start due to a concubine of the Israelites, who was physically and sexually abused by the Tribe of Benjamin. This prompted the Tribe of Israel to get revenge by engaging in battle with the Tribe of Benjamin.


Who did Jonathan and the Israelites fight at the Battle at Michmash?

Jonathan was the leader of the Israelites and led them into the Battle of Michmash in Israel. Jonathan was able to sneak his way through to take down his enemies, the Philistines​, who had more soldiers than the Israelites.


Who fought the Amalekites after they raided Ziklag?

After hearing of the raid on his city, David arranged for​ his men to attack the Amalekites. David saved his city upon finding the tribe and fighting them until he and his army won. All of the families who had been captured in the raid were finally able to return home.


Which battle took place between David and Absalom?

The Battle of Ephraim's Wood took place between David, and his son, Absalom, who was tragically killed in this battle. It started after Absalom started a rebellion that had his father getting out of the city and putting together an army of his own.


Is it true or false that Absalom betrayed his father and turned himself into a king?

This is true. Absalom turned against his father as he didn't believe in what he was doing as king. He was able to force his father out of the area and make his father's people worship him.


After the Battle of Ephraim's Wood, who was the next to rebel against David?

Shortly after the fall of his son, David found himself in conflict with Sheba, a man from the Tribe of Benjamin. His revolt also ended in his demise as he was given up to David by the townspeople. This left the infamous David to prove himself victorious once again.


What city did the Assyrian Army capture in 721 BCE?

Samaria was captured by the Assyrians who kept the townspeople in captivity. Both sides of the fight claimed they achieved victory over the other. Luckily, this didn't cause another fight!


What was set on fire during the Destruction of Jerusalem?

A temple was set on fire during the destruction of Jerusalem. The conflict took place between the Romans and the Jews, ending in the destruction of the Judean city.


Who was the commander of the rebellious angels in the War in Heaven?

The Devil was the leader of the rebellious angels in the War in Heaven. The war dealt with a revolt started by Satan against the good angels in Heaven.


Is it true or false that Saul offered his armor to David before he went to fight Goliath?

This is true. King Saul's generous offer was turned down by a fearless David who took down Goliath with minimal equipment. You can definitely say that God was on David's side!


In which book did Abraham and Lot engage in a fight?

This was one battle that didn't end in violence! The fight was easily resolved after two pieces of land were divided for the two men. Both the men were pleased with the deal, peacefully resolving the conflict.


Is it true or false that the Israelites marched ten times around Jericho?

This is false. The Israelites only marched around the city seven times, which was once, each day. All of their marchings​ worked out in their favor as they captured the city.


How many kings formed an alliance in the Battle of Qarqar?

Twelve kings formed an alliance against the Assyrian king, Shalmaneser​ III, and called themselves the Twelve King Alliance. There was never a clear winner or loser of the battle, but all involved did hold their positions.


Who conquered the city of Laish?

The Tribe of Dan conquered the city of Laish, not only burning it to the ground, but also using it for themselves. After all was exterminated, the land was used to build another city for the Tribe of Dan. If that wasn't enough, Laish then became known as Dan.


When fighting the Israelites, how many times did the Benjaminites win?

The Benjaminites won twice against the Israelites before the tables turned and they were defeated. Did you know that Benjamin was often represented by a wolf, and that his tribe was also represented by the powerful animal?


Which two tribes were always at war?

The Phillistines and the Israelites fought a lot in the Bible. The two fought over everything from land to their own differences until the fall of the Phillistines that came later on.


Of which tribe was Goliath a champion?

Goliath was the champion of the Philistines and, as you may remember, David was his challenger, a champion of the Israelites. The two engaged in what could be the most famous fight in the Bible. David and the Israelites were the victors.​


The conflict between Cain and Abel ended in whose death?

Abel was murdered in this famous battle between the two brothers. In fact, Abel did not fight back as Cain was the only one motivated to kill, leading to his own punishment due to his jealousy.


Is it true or false that the Battle of Aphek was fought between the Philistines and the Israelites?

This is true. The battle took place in Aphek and ended with a victory for the Philistines. They lost more men than the Israelites, however.


What caused the fight between Jacob and Esau?

What could come between two brothers? In the case of Jacob and Esau, it was the conflict over their birthright. The two were even fighting before they were born as Jacob tried to be the first to be born.


Is it true or false that the Rebellious angels were allowed to stay in Heaven after the War in Heaven?

This is false. This war led to the expulsion of the rebellious angels from Heaven and being sent down to Earth. This war was quite famous and there have been numerous pieces of art and music depicting it.


Who defended the city of Jabesh in the Bible?

King Saul defended the city of Jabesh from the Ammonites. The city regarded King Saul who had connections to the area as their savior.


In the battle for the city of Ai, whose word did Joshua follow?

Joshua followed the word of God on his second attempt to take the city. It turns out that God's advice proved to be best for Joshua and the Israelites. The city of Ai was burned to the ground with no one spared.


Which king defeated the Moabites?

When the Moabites banded together to take down Jehoshaphat, it didn't work out in their favor. Even with their power, Jehoshaphat and his people overcame them.​


Who did God tell to take over the Midianites?

After being instructed by God, Gideon had his Israelites capture two of the Midianites rulers. After their capture, he also killed them.


Who did the Israelites fight in the Battle of Refidim?

The Israelites fought the Amalekites in the Battle of Refidim. While Moses was a leader of the Israelites, he entrusted his army to Joshua who helped to lead them to victory.


What was another name used for the Battle of Sidim?

The Battle of Sidim was also known as the War of Nine Kings due to the fact that it was fought between nine different rulers. The battle is outlined in the Book of Genesis. It ended with Jordan's forces becoming free from Mesopotamia and securing their victory.


Which book speaks about the Battle of Aphek?

The Battle of Aphek was yet another battle between the Philistines and the Israelites. It ended in another win for the Philistines who had the fewest casualties in the battle.


Is it true or false that the 12 Kings Alliance won the Battle of Qarqar?

This is false. There was no official victor in this battle, although there were many casualties. The 12 Kings Alliance took the biggest hit, tens of thousands of casualties more than the Assyrians.


Where did the Siege of Jebus take place?

The Siege of Jebus took place in Jerusalem, between the Jebusites and the Israelites. There is not much known about the battle as it was only briefly spoken of in the Book of Samuel and the Book of Chronicles.


Which battle was fought between Israel and Egypt?

The Battle of Zephath was fought between these two forces which was fought near Maresha. The Egyptian forces had a very large army, but that didn't help them to take down the Israelites.


Which book speaks about the Battle of Mount Tabor?

This battle is spoken of in the Book of Judges, where the Israelites were led by Deborah. The Canaanites were defeated in this battle after their leader, Sisera, was brutally killed by Yael.


Who won the Siege of Lachish?

The Siege of Lachish was fought between the Assyrians and the Jewish Army. The Assyrians won and the people of Lachish suffered the consequences of their loss.


Where did Jeroboam's Revolt take place?

Jeroboam's Revolt took place in Israel where Jeroboam, who was a son of Ephraim, led his army to fight the Jewish Army. He was defeated, but not killed during the revolt and took no more action against the city afterward.


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