Quiz: How Well Do You Know Famous Americans of WWII?
How Well Do You Know Famous Americans of WWII?
By: John Miller
Image: US Army combat photographer

About This Quiz

The Second World War was the biggest – and deadliest -- war in human history. After the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, the United States began what it declared to be a fight for its very existence, and Americans everywhere responded to the call for help. Of the millions of people who served, a few rose to incredible fame, garnering headlines and pages in history books around the world. In this battle-hardened quiz, what do you know about famous WWII veterans?

No one would forget the face of General Douglas MacArthur. He was a true war celebrity, always donning sunglasses and chomping on a corncob pipe. He gained infamy and loathing during his escape from the Philippines, and then returned to a hero’s welcome. George C. Scott even won an Oscar for playing him.

There were dozens of other major military men who guided U.S. war machines through the conflict. Those names included Chester Nimitz, George Patton, Henry Arnold, Jacob Devers and more. Without their hard-nosed leadership, the Allies may have never defeated the Axis.

Plenty of privates, ensigns and sergeants found fame, too. Let’s see if you can withstand the blitzkrieg of this massive WWII quiz now! How much do you really know about America’s WWII heroes?

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