Quiz: How Well Do You Know Dog Breed Standards?
How Well Do You Know Dog Breed Standards?
By: Teresa M.
Image: YouTube

About This Quiz

As humans, we have all sorts of standards. We have beauty standards, standards of behavior and standards of living. Dog breeds also have a set of standards, but they are judged quite differently. Dog breed standards refer to only visible traits such as hair, facial features, and temperament. 

As we go through our dog breed standards quiz, we will present you with a question about a breed standard. You must choose the dog you think best represents the standard we have described. It sounds simple, doesn't it? 

Not so fast! According to the World Canine Organization, there are over 300 breeds recognized in 2018. From New Zealand to Alaska, many dogs carry similar traits. However, subtle differences in their observable behavior, hair type and the length of their snouts could be a little tricky to differentiate. 

Nonetheless, it's already clear that you simply love dogs, and we're betting you know a lot more about breed standards than you realize. Whether you prefer to cuddle up with a German Shepherd or go for a jog with a Toy Fox Terrier probably says a lot about your traits, but can you identify the traits of each breed we ask you about? 

Let's find out how well you know dog breed standards!

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