Quiz: How Well Do You Know '70s Pop Culture?
How Well Do You Know '70s Pop Culture?
By: John Miller
Image: thewhorocks524

About This Quiz

If the 1960s were a 20-car pop culture pileup, the 1970s were a time for America and the world in general to return to a something that resembled normalcy. Many people, particularly broad swaths of the middle class, rejected “far out” arts in favor of more typical fare. Everything from music to Broadway plays found a distinctly ‘70s tilt — in our daunting “Me Decade” quiz, what do you remember about the pop culture of the 1970s?

In film, the ‘70s produced some of the most memorable titles of the entire century. Some movies, like “Apocalypse Now” and “A Clockwork Orange” were outright startling in their content, but they drew massive crowds, anyway. Other big films like “The Sting,” “Deliverance,” “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Patton” all made a lasting mark. Do you recall the other major blockbusters of this decade? 

The Seventies were an equally fertile time for music. Hippie music maintained its grip on the counterculture, but glam rock and disco exploded in popularity. Acts like the Jackson 5, the Eagles, the Ramones, and the Bee Gees found immense success all over world. But the deaths of icons like Elvis Presley and Bing Crosby left an unmistakable stain of sadness, too. What do you remember about the music of the ‘70s?

The ‘70s were the days of the Nixon and Carter Administrations, the decade in which the Vietnam War finally ended, and pop culture once again regenerated itself. Take our ‘70s pop culture right now and see if you’re a hairy-chested champion or a greaser still stuck in the ‘50s!

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