Quiz: How Well Do You Know '60s Sports Cars?
How Well Do You Know '60s Sports Cars?
By: John Miller
Image: Petrolicious

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In the 1960s, sports car designers hit their strides, making memorable models from Britain to Detroit to Italy and back again. Fancy names like Porsche and Ferrari made their marks, but so too did more pedestrian manufacturers like Ford and Dodge. Do you think you really know the ‘60s sports cars in this high-speed quiz?

By the time the ‘60s rolled around, the family sedan was getting a bit stale, and Baby Boomers had the cash to blow on fancier models. Manufacturers scrambled to accommodate demand by offering high-performance sports cars with flashy designs that wowed bystanders and drivers alike. Do you recall some of the first popular sports cars of the decade?

All of the big car companies got into the act. BMW offered its CS, Austin-Healey had the Sprite, and Fiat and Ford all participated in the speed feeding frenzy. Do you think you can match the iconic models of the age to the correct manufacturers?

The youth-driven market sparked a desire for ever greater speed, with big-block engines and crazy horsepower ratings making cars faster than ever before. Suddenly, “pony cars” were a thing. Forget hot rodding — in the ‘60s, you could buy a production car that was faster than anything your parents ever could have dreamed of. Take our ‘60s sports car quiz now and see if you really know these speedy cars of yesteryear!

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In the 1960s, Ford unleashed an affordable sports car called the ______.
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Which famous Porsche model was introduced in 1963?
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What was one reason the Porsche 911 really stuck out in a crowd in the 1960s?
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The 1962 Lotus Elan 1600 was initially built in what configuration?
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Which company made a '60s star called the E-Type?
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The Jaguar E-Type featured what sort of engine?
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True or false, were the first Porsche 911s air-cooled?
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What sort of power does the 1963 Aston Martin DB5 produce?
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What was Chevy’s answer to Ford’s Mustang?
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Which car raced to four straight 24 Hours of Le Mans titles in the late ‘60s?
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The Stingray is a variant of which popular sports car?
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Which car maker built the famous MGB?
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Which company manufactured a car called the DB5?
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Legendary car maker Enzo Ferrari called it "the most beautiful car ever made." Which car was it?
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Which sports car did Toyota introduce in 1967?
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The AC Cobra was known as the _____ in the United States.
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Which company introduced the 250 GTO in ‘62?
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Which sports car did Alfa Romeo debut in 1966?
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What sort of engine did the AC / Shelby Cobra pack under its sleek hood?
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The S800 was the first Honda car to accomplish which feat?
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What was the approximate top speed of a Jaguar E-Type?
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Which company introduced the Miura in 1966?
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What sort of engine was under the hood of the Corvette C2?
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The original Jaguar E-Type came with what sort of transmission?
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What was incredible about the Maserati Mistral Spyder?
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Which ‘60s sports car could be had with a Hemi engine?
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Which Pontiac muscle car was introduced in the ‘60s?
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The first MG MGBs sported what sort of transmission?
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The Supersnake was a variant of which sports car?
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Which sports car was the first U.S. production vehicle to have a spoiler?
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