Quiz: How well can you remember Pretty in Pink?
How well can you remember Pretty in Pink?
By: Dyann Joyce
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"Pretty in Pink" was a "Romeo and Juliet" story of Andie and Blane, as depicted by John Hughes. Class warfare was at an all-time high back in the '80s, and the disapproval of peers and cliques held a lot of weight. Do you remember the events and memorable characters of "Pretty in Pink"? Take our quiz and discover how well you fare!

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Who plays Andie in this '80s-style story about rich vs. poor?

Andie Walsh is a high school senior who works and also takes care of the home in this '80s story about a poor working-class girl who experiments with dating one of the rich kids in her school. She is played by Molly Ringwald.

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In the novel, based on the original version of the movie, who does Andie end up with?

When the film was adapted to a novel by H. B. Gilmour, Andie actually ended up with Duckie - not the "richie" kid, Blane. I guess their differences got in the way after all.

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Who is hopelessly in love with Andie, so he causes trouble for her dates and love life?

Duckie is played by John Cryer. He is hopelessly in love with Andie, who just sees him as a good friend. He sees it as him and her against the world, as they are the poor and odd kids, and he hopes that she will see they have everything in common and they're a match made in heaven. She feels differently.

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Who does Andie live with, that she is constantly trying to get to a better job?

Andie's mother left years before without a word, and Andie is caretaker to her father, Jack, who is hopelessly underemployed and okay with it. He is still reeling from his wife abandoning the family.

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When Blane takes her on a first date, where do they go?

Blane takes Andie to a party with the rich kids, who are surprised and repulsed that she is there. Benny is upset, as it is Steff's party and Blane shouldn't be allowed to invite "just anyone." She claims Andie will ruin her night - she curses and insults Blane for bringing Andie into the group.

When Steff and Benny see Andie at Steff's party, Benny insults both Andie and Blane. When Andie wants to "get outta there," he excuses the behavior for the most part as he remains silent. He just says they are jerks when they drink and he overestimated them.

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"Pretty in Pink" was originally a song by what band?

John Hughes wrote two cult favorites, with "Pretty in Pink" penned a week after completing "Sixteen Candles." Both shared the same star, Molly Ringwald. The title "Pretty in Pink" was from a song penned and performed by the band, The Psychedelic Furs.

The lovable, wacky-but-wiser big sister type of character, Iona, is played by Annie Potts, a favorite of John Hughes and a Designing Woman. She would go on to star as the desk clerk in "Ghostbusters" and as Bo Peep in the "Toy Story" movies. Kristy Swanson, Dweezil Zappa and Andrew Dice Clay were all in the movie too.

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Who doesn't understand and complains to Andie that he has liked her for four years, and she still treats him like s---?

Towards the beginning of the movie, Steff questions Andie about this and when will they get together. Andie snubs him and says never, and then he makes a pariah of her and treats her badly, especially when his friend starts dating her.

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What is the name of the store where Andie works?

Andie works at the record store TRAX, with Iona as her boss and manager. The Duckman "Duckie" visits frequently, often setting off the back door alarms, which frustrates Andie. Iona lives upstairs and invites Andie in for girl talk.

When a kid tries to shoplift from a case in her record store, Iona turns and shoots at him with a staple gun. He exclaims, "You missed my eye by an inch," to which she replies, "Half an inch...." He runs out of the store. It was the '80s.

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What record does Andie sell Blane at the store?

After asking her opinion on something, he asks if the Steve Lawrence record is any good. Andie replies that it is "white hot," so he buys it as a way to talk to her.

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What is the name of Andie's favorite music club?

Andie loves the dark, cool music of the edgy club, CATS. She meets her friends there on a regular basis, but when she tries to bring Blane into the group as an introduction, Duckie makes a scene and they leave.

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Who played the bouncer at Andie's favorite music club?

Without an official name in the movie, the bouncer who Duckie pours all his romantic troubles onto is the comedian Andrew Dice Clay. He won't let Duckie in the club, although he claims his girlfriend is in there, so he would wait 3 or 4 hours to see her to her car.

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What does Andie do at night, to see "beauty" that she hopes to have one day?

She would drive through the more affluent neighborhoods and be amazed at how beautiful the houses were and how large they were for just one family. She takes Duckie to her favorite and sits there, wondering how nice it must be inside, to live that way.

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How does Blane send a message, asking Andie, "Do you want to talk?"

Andie gets a message over the computer in the library, and she just assumes it is from Duckie. It actually is from Blane, the rich boy who she has a crush on and who she had seen previously in the record store.

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Which "Showgirls" star makes an appearance in the volleyball game, as Benny's friend?

Andie's friend tells Benny that she hopes they "shrivel up and fall off" and gets kicked out of gym class. Benny's friend laughs - it is Gina Gershon, who at that time was on the cover of "Cosmopolitan" magazine, and who would go on to star in "Showgirls" and "Bound."

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What do the jocks do to Duckie, causing him to be surprised that they have "candy dispensers" on the wall?

After bumping into them, Duckie is physically picked up and thrown into the girl's restroom by the jocks, and he is surprised/outraged they have doors on the stalls and candy machines on the walls (actually tampon dispensers).

When Blane shows up to pick up Andie for their first date, Duckie is upset because she is going out with one of the rich kids. She explains she doesn't want to hold it against them, as it would be the exact same as them holding their lack of money against them, and Blane is "different."

Due to pressure from his friends about dating and slumming, Blane backs out of asking Andie to the prom, using the excuse that he had already asked somebody else but had forgotten. Andie bravely decides to go by herself.

After going to a big party and being treated poorly at Blane's friend's house, they go to the CATS club she likes. Duckie is rude, so she wants to call off the date and just be dropped off at the tracks, as she doesn't want him to see where she lives.

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Which of these things does Iona ask Andie if Blane has?

Iona wants to know all the "gory" details. When Andie visits Iona at her apartment to dish about her date with Blane, Iona questions if he has "strong lips." You can't go wrong with a guy with strong lips, Iona advises Andie. The way to tell is that you feel it in your knees, Iona explains.

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What does Blane do in front of Andie's house to make her feel better?

After a horrendous failed date and clashes on both sides with their friends, Andie getting upset because she doesn't want Blane to see her house. He then asks her to the prom, hoping to make her feel better.

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What is Andie's response to being asked to the prom by Blane?

After a horrendous first date, Blane asks her to the prom, if it would make her feel better. She jumps up and gives him a kiss as confirmation.

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What does Jack buy Andie at a thrift store?

After she tells her dad. Jack. that a "richie" asked her to the prom, a rich guy who is out of their social class, her dad explains it shouldn't matter if they like one another. He then goes and buys a pink dress for her to wear to prom.

While Andie is spilling the beans about her first date and the resulting promposal, and Iona is giving her advice and questioning details, Duckie just watches from across the street, staring at the window the whole time.

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Iona gives Andie her dreamy pink polka-dot dress, given to her by her mom for her prom. She said that's the only time she ever looked normal, relatively speaking. Her date would've been a fairytale too, except that he had a wife and two kids.

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When Duckie kisses Iona, what does she say happened?

To make Andie jealous at the CATS club, Duckie lays a big kiss on Iona in front of her and her date, Blane. it leaves an impression on Iona and she swears to Andie that when he laid a kiss on her, her thighs "went up in flames." She says he must "practice on melons or something."

To make a wholly original dress, she combines the dress from her dad and the one from Iona. In real life, the iconic dress was hated by Molly Ringwald and she didn't want to wear it, but John Hughes insisted.

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Who does Andie walk hand-in-hand with into the prom?

After making a dress and going by herself, Andie loses her nerve. She sees Duckie and they reconcile, then walk in together, hand in hand, finding strength and solace in their friendship.

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What does Blane think is the reason Steff hates Andie?

When Steff reveals that he had a thing for Andie, Blane guesses she couldn't be bought and thinks Steff is a lowlife. This explains why Steff has been so nasty and cruel about him dating her - jealousy.

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At the prom, what does Blane do to Steff when he sees him tease Andie?

After realizing that all the animosity comes from Steff having been turned down by Andie, and that's why he was being cruel to her and made him turn her away, Blane punches a drunk Steff in the jaw at the prom.

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Who hears Steff call Andie "nada"?

Duckie overhears Steff ridicule Blane once again for liking Andie, and hearing Steff describe Andie as "nada." A teacher has to break up the ensuing fight.

At the prom, when a drunken Steff is once again putting Andie down, Blane discovers that Steff had the hots for Andie but she turned him down, and that's why he's been a jerk. He punches Steff and leaves. Andie chases after him and kisses him.

Duckie suggests Andie run after Blane to be happy, at his expense, despite his love for her, and then he looks up and there is a girl smiling at him... a Duckette! The blonde actress is Kristy Swanson of "The Karate Kid" fame.

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