Quiz: How well can you remember Pretty in Pink?
How well can you remember Pretty in Pink?
By: Dyann Joyce
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"Pretty in Pink" was a "Romeo and Juliet" story of Andie and Blane, as depicted by John Hughes. Class warfare was at an all-time high back in the '80s, and the disapproval of peers and cliques held a lot of weight. Do you remember the events and memorable characters of "Pretty in Pink"? Take our quiz and discover how well you fare!

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Who plays Andie in this '80s-style story about rich vs. poor?
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In the novel, based on the original version of the movie, who does Andie end up with?
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Who is hopelessly in love with Andie, so he causes trouble for her dates and love life?
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Who does Andie live with, that she is constantly trying to get to a better job?
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When Blane takes her on a first date, where do they go?
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"Pretty in Pink" was originally a song by what band?
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Who doesn't understand and complains to Andie that he has liked her for four years, and she still treats him like s---?
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What is the name of the store where Andie works?
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What record does Andie sell Blane at the store?
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What is the name of Andie's favorite music club?
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Who played the bouncer at Andie's favorite music club?
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What does Andie do at night, to see "beauty" that she hopes to have one day?
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How does Blane send a message, asking Andie, "Do you want to talk?"
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Which "Showgirls" star makes an appearance in the volleyball game, as Benny's friend?
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What do the jocks do to Duckie, causing him to be surprised that they have "candy dispensers" on the wall?
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Which of these things does Iona ask Andie if Blane has?
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What does Blane do in front of Andie's house to make her feel better?
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What is Andie's response to being asked to the prom by Blane?
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What does Jack buy Andie at a thrift store?
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When Duckie kisses Iona, what does she say happened?
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Who does Andie walk hand-in-hand with into the prom?
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What does Blane think is the reason Steff hates Andie?
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At the prom, what does Blane do to Steff when he sees him tease Andie?
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Who hears Steff call Andie "nada"?
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