How Texan Are You?

Brian Whitney

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Whether you've never been to Texas, were born and bred there, moved there at some point in your life or vacationed there, you know that there is something awfully special about it. There is an enormous amount of state pride that goes with being from Texas, and it isn't easy to be thought of as a true Texan until you've been there for a while. This is the kind of thing that can make you madder than a wet hen, but after you've been in Texas for a while, you'll know how the cow ate the cabbage.

So how Texan are you? Are you comfortable in a cowboy hat and boots? Do you know which end of a horse is which?  Do you like listening to music by Stevie Ray, Waylon, and Willie? Have you had a chicken fried steak recently, and more importantly, did you like it? Do you think football is without a doubt the coolest sport in the entire world? When was the last time you ordered some extra cream gravy? How partial to cornbread are you? Take this quiz and we'll tell Y'all just how Texan you are. No matter how you do, it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

Do you think Texas is the greatest state in the country?

How much do you like tacos for dinner?

Can you square dance with the best of them?

Do you like to get cheeseburgers from Whataburger?

Do you like watching the NFL on Sundays?

What sounds most fun to go to on a Friday night?

Do you have a warm winter jacket for when it's cold out?

Do you look ridiculously good in a cowboy hat?

When was the last tornado warning you sat through?

Do you like barbecue for dinner?

How much do you enjoy chips and guac for a snack?

Do you know all the words to "The Yellow Rose of Texas" by heart?

Do you sunburn easily if you're working outside?

How often have you seen snow?

What temperature is "hot" to you?

How much do you like Waylon Jennings?

Which of these is your favorite kind of music to listen to?

Fried food, carnival games and fun shows are all part of a fair. Do you like county fairs?

Do you like breakfast burritos to start your morning off right?

How many pairs of cowboy boots do you own?

Are you a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan?

Do you enjoy washing your meal down with a Dr. Pepper?

How fast do you drive on the highway when you have to get somewhere fast?

Do you like sweet tea with your lunch?

How often do you say "Y'all" to people you know?

Are you afraid of coming across some snakes when you're outside?

What kind of vehicle is your daily driver?

How many dogs do you currently own?

Do you tend to Git r done?

Would you ever want to visit Nashville on vacation?

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