How Smart Is Your Cat?

Teresa McGlothlin

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About This Quiz

There's nothing more relaxing than having a purring cat take up residence in your lap, but how did the cat get there? Whether you realize it or not, your furry friend is smart enough to get you to bend to their will. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising to learn that you have no idea how the purring cat got in your lap! After you tell us about your lives together, we will let you know exactly what type of mastermind you have on your hands! 

Research has shown that the average housecat doesn't think much differently than the larger cats that survive on their wits in the wild. When you claw your way through our questions, you'll let us know just how smart your housecat really is. It might not be able to survive a few years in the Amazon jungle, but we do think their actual intelligence level will impress you. 

Once you know how smart your cat really is, you will have another aspect of your relationship to take into account. The next time your kitty tries to bribe you with a dead-thing-surprise, you'll know exactly what they are really trying to pull. At least, you'll know their level of intelligence! Will you agree with the results?

Where does your cat like to nap?

How many "gifts" does your cat leave you every week?

Which cat food flavor would your kitty shun?

How does your kitty get your attention?

Which costume would your cat look cutest wearing?

What's your cat's best feature?

Does your cat have extra toes?

Would you say your cat is fully litter trained?

Will your cat fetch a ball?

Which of these things does your cat like the least?

Have you ever bathed your cat?

Which of the big cats does your cat think it is?

How does your cat act when you get home from work?

What do you think your fluffball dreams about?

Why does your cat groom itself in public?

Does your cat share any of these traits with you?

What sort of treat do you give your cat most often?

If your cat could talk, what would it ask you?

If you cat had a job, which one would it be?

Do you ever catch your cat giving you side eye?

How does your cat feel about your sweetheart?

Does your kitty enjoy knocking things over?

Which new toy would your cat like most?

Does your cat like to go outside?

How did you end up with your cat?

Does your cat mind going to the vet?

Which cat noise does your cat make most?

Does your cat have long hair or short hair?

What do you think your feline friend does while you're at work?

Do you think your cat is smarter than a dog?

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