How Redneck Are You Based on These Yes or No Questions?

Teresa McGlothlin

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Did you know that you owe a lot of your worker's rights to people called rednecks? Historically, rednecks were miners who wore red scarves around their necks when they marched to fight for decent wages and working conditions. Nonetheless, over the years the word has taken on a new meaning full of no less pride! 

When we think of rednecks, we tend to think of those who march to the beat of their own drums. Full of ingenuity, rednecks know how to fix most anything, and they are always prepared for doomsday. After you tell us yes or answer no during this quiz, we will be able to tell you where you fall on the redneck scale. 

You might try to deny some of your redneck tendencies, but answers as simple and as direct as yes or no do not lie. Once you read our questions, try to answer with your most primal response. Rednecks tend to love living close to nature, and you might find yourself being more redneck than you ever thought! 

Let your worldly ways go, and let's get back to the basics of living. Are you a redneck, a city slicker, or something else entirely? Now, you'll know for sure!

Do you change your own oil?

Have you ever raised a goat?

Would you enjoy going mudding?

Do you have any double first cousins?

Do you go deer hunting every year?

Are you prepared for a natural disaster?

Do you own a rifle?

Do you like the sound of loud engines?

Do you know how to use a weedeater?

Do you plant a few vegetables in the spring?

Do you raise chickens?

Do you love Brad Paisley's music?

Does Jeff Foxworth make you laugh?

Do you own more than one flannel shirt?

Does your dog go everywhere with you?

Do you enjoy drinking craft beer?

Do you take a monthly trip to a landfill?

Do you have a close-knit family?

Are you devoutly religious?

Do you know all the words to the national anthem?

Do you watch all the NASCAR races?

Do you know anyone named Hank?

Is the 4th of July your favorite holiday?

Have you ever served in the military?

Would you enjoy going out for sushi?

Have you ever tried moonshine?

Does your vehicle have any souped-up features?

Do you think you are a redneck?

Do you have a collection of trucker hats?

Do you speak with a southern accent?

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