How Ready Are You for the Apocalypse?

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What will cause the death knell of civilization? Will it be the wrath of God pouring down in fire and ash, or will it be an asteroid colliding with our planet haphazardly? The face of this planet has been drastically transformed before. The most accepted theory of dinosaur extinction holds that an asteroid collision likely caused the sudden death of all the non-bird dinosaurs and 75% of all animal life, according to the Natural History Museum. Could this happen again? 

It certainly could. But, there is not much that can be done to prepare for such an event, besides spiritual preparation. How certain are you that when your body returns to earth your soul will not be called to account to God? Some religious groups prepare for the coming apocalypse by trying to learn what is pleasing to God and repenting when they do not live up to the divine standards, holding up signs on street corners like, “Repent, the end is nigh!” When is the last time you were on your knees?

Of course, an asteroid collision is not the only apocalyptic contender. Oxford University’s Future of Humanity Institute put out a list of 12 possible scenarios for the apocalypse, in the hopes that naming these can help us prepare to survive as a global society. The list includes extreme climate change, nuclear war, global pandemic, ecological catastrophe, global system collapse, major asteroid impact, super volcano, synthetic biology, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, unknown consequences and future bad governance. Oh, and also the four horsemen. OK, are you prepared for all of those possibilities? Stockpile your survival skills with these questions! 

In the event of a catastrophe, how long will your supplies last?

What is the most crucial step you can take to prepare for the apocalypse?

What is the best defense against zombies?

How long can you survive without water?

What water do you have stored in the event of the collapse of our water system?

How do you spiritually prepare for the apocalypse?

How do you build a fire?

What kind of clothing will you need for an apocalyptic event?

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, what getaway vehicle would you choose?

What energy source do you have if the grid collapses?

Do you have a bag packed in case you need to flee, and, if you do, what is in it?

What is your comfort level with guns?

Who will you be able to trust in the event of societal collapse?

What do you have in your first aid kit?

How would you use the restroom if there were no working restrooms?

How will you communicate with your loved ones if you lose each other?

Where would you go if there were nuclear fallout?

How are you preparing for the global temperatures to increase drastically?

If all the crops fail due to disease, how will you get food?

What would you do if you saw a fiery ball of light crashing toward the planet?

What resources do you have for getting protein if there are no stores?

If artificially intelligent robots were taking over the world, what would you do?

How much do you know about local plant life in your area?

If your area were inundated with a flood, what would you do?

What is one risk you would anticipate if nuclear war becomes a reality?

How will you help your children to mentally prepare for the apocalypse?

If civilization collapses, what will your social strategy be?

What would you do if you realized your best friend or family member intended to steal the last of your fuel?

If the global economic system collapsed, what would your plan be?

What is the greatest risk in the event of an asteroid colliding with the Earth?

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