How Powerful Is Your Inner Goddess?

Zoe Samuel

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One of the things that modern life tends to beat out of us as often as it can is any sense of the divine or miraculous in the world. It's constantly telling us that what we earn is the measure of who we are, or whether we're conventionally beautiful is a good way to assess our value. We get so caught up in paperwork, bills, commuting and just the miseries of the rat race that we don't have time to look inward. Even our inner selves are supposed to be commoditized and presented on social media, always in a highly curated manner that makes us look way cooler than we are.

However, the world is still full of wonderful things, and it's important to never forget that. Our inner flicker of divine fire, that goddess who is still connected to all that is valuable about us but that cannot be easily measured and put into a graph, is there to remind us that we are more than just our paycheck or our looks. It's there to say that we are good enough, that we deserve to be treated respectfully, and that maybe we cannot save the whole world, but we can change one little corner of it. We just have to take a moment to listen to her - and perhaps she'll be stronger than we thought. Is your inner goddess ready to unleash on the world? Let's find out!

How often do you lose your temper?

What injustice makes you maddest?

Do you mind being naked with the lights on?

If your lover isn't doing it right, how do you correct them?

Do you spend a lot of time worrying what others think?

Do you like to ask people out, or wait for them to ask you?

How many pics do you typically take before you get one that you like?

At a party, how long does it take you to get on the dance floor?

Do you ask for the cake, not the crumbs?

How often do you apologize?

How good a liar are you, when it comes to the big stuff?

Do you believe in a higher power?

How many nights a week do you have a dream that you remember?

Are you your own harshest critic?

What's your typical reaction to getting a compliment?

Do your friends often marvel at how you have your s*** together?

Do you have a savings account?

Can you keep a plant alive?

What craft do you excel in?

Have you ever gone traveling on your own?

Would you move to a different city for the right job?

Have you ever dumped anyone?

Have you ever clapped back to a street harasser?

If you're interrupted, what's your normal response?

You have an hour to chill after dinner. What do you do?

Your friend asks if she looks good in an outfit. It's the worst. What do you do?

You gained 5 lbs over Christmas. What's going to happen?

If you're at a very boring party, how long do you stay?

You meet a singer whose work you love. What do you say?

On which social platform are you most active?

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