How Much Self-Control Do You Really Have?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Every person has a proverbial fuse that, when lit, gives us a set amount of time until we blow up. Some have a short fuse, while others take ages until they are overcome with rage. How much self-control do you really have?

You hear nails on a chalkboard. What do you do?

You came into the station just as the train is leaving. What do you say?

One cookie now, or two cookies later?

How often do you do laundry?

How often are you late?

Do you always take your daily medicine?

How often do you work out?

When did you last eat your five fruits and veggies in a day?

Assuming you haven't permanently fallen out, do you call your mom?

Do you have good boundaries?

Do you know how to switch off?

Can you multi-task?

Do you find yelling honestly cathartic?

Have you ever smacked someone, just a little bit?

How's your blood pressure?

Have you recently slammed a door?

You're invited to a party the night before the big exam. The hottest guy in the world is going to be there and he's single right now. Do you go?

There's a button coming off your shirt. How soon after noticing do you sew it back on firmly?

Do you know how to sing like no one's listening?

Have you ever written a really angry letter and then not sent it?

Are you in as good shape as you would like to be, broadly speaking?

Do your colleagues think of you as dependable?

Have you ever gone to work when you were grieving something really bad, and not told a soul there?

Do people see you as a shoulder they can cry on?

You see someone being bullied. How do you handle it?

You committed to run a race for charity but halfway through you realize you're running on fumes. What do you do?

How many of your socks still match?

Have you ever gone unprepared into a job interview?

Do you take pride in being a good friend?

Whether or not you're your parents' favorite child, based on behavior: should you be?

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